Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Weirdo Crowd: Zippy’s

` Yes, we Strange People tend to run into one another at Zippy’s and Denny’s a lot. It’s the madness that draws us. In fact, over the weeks I have managed to steal some of their souls – though it was in a very candid way and so it was difficult to get anyone’s face in.
` The second time I had walked into poetry night, I just happened to have my Crappy Digital Camera with me, and so I began snapping away.
` As I was sitting across from Monkey Kitty Guy as he grappled with Scrappy Girl, I managed to steal their souls first.

` Oh, aren’t they darling? Moving on, I managed to take a few pictures in which people weren’t looking for me to steal their souls. They might look kind of bad, though I prefer to call them ‘candid’.
` I don’t remember just what was occurring at the moment, though this picture was purposely taken when no one was looking. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the flash, and so they all quickly found out about this aberrant behavior at once.
` Aunt Girl is on girl on the right, and you can see Monkey Kitty Guy scrapping with one of the hyper little girls between two men I would later get to know and nickname Xenophon and Adorable Gay Hottie.

` There were no hard feelings. In fact, Xeno even told me (in one of his strange voices) that it was okay his soul was trapped digitally! He said it was ‘awesome’.

` (I think his shirt is an advertisement for the pizza place on the corner.) In the background, you can see Marilyn, the owner of Zippy’s, at the manager’s computer.
` By the end of all this madness, I had met three new people; Adorable Gay Hottie, Nymphomaniac and Jesus.

` They’re just hanging out and goofing off. (And, Monkey Kitty Guy was probably running around the giant flower pots and signposts, dodging the attacks by others.) I’m really not sure who everyone is in this picture, though it’s basically representative of who loiters after we get kicked out of Zippy’s.

` And as for everything that happened afterwards, I do believe I’ve already written about it in an amusing fashion, saying at the end that I wished I could have posted my pictures. Well, finally, I have found a way, have I not? Hence, the beginning of an obsession.
` After you are done reviewing either of those posts, which I think are rather amusing, I shall move onto more recent times. You see, I had also taken my camera to Zippy’s just after the window’s logo had been replaced with the ‘Get Spotted At’ sign....

` Indeed – Zippy’s has actually been in many newspapers due to its Speed Dating activities as well as other crazy things held there.
` And, for a view of the interior, here is one taken from my favorite computer (the one with Mozilla Firefox!) just past Uber-ADHD Girl.

` And that strange, bowl-headed man sitting there would be Adorable! What happened to his hair? Apparently, he mauled it and Nympho helped out.
` (Extra note: I had apparently taken this picture at the time I was writing this post!)
` After checking my ever-filling Yahoo Account, I scurried back to the little alcove at the front by the newly-belogoed window where I ran into Monkey Kitty Guy.
` Forget Adorable Gay Hottie, what the frell happened to his hair?

` I call it ‘The Dark Woody Woodpecker’. And since then, he’s riveted plenty of spikes onto his jacket, as well as an equally sinister-looking double-ended one in his nose! Strangely, it hasn’t stopped him from being cute and mischievous-looking at all!
` Of course, while we were grappling in the alcove, there was indeed poetry reading going on. Naturally, I paid attention as much as I could, especially when Nympho was reading:

` Hmm. Who are all of these strange people? Is that ArchNova on the couch? She’s awesome. In any case, interesting things were going on while I was back there. For example, Monkey-Kitty Guy had pilfered a Totoro doll and was pushing its various appendages into its body so that it became an egg-shaped chibiful object.
` Then, he kept putting it under his jacket and saying that Cheerleader Girl could not grab it because it was, in fact, a breast, due to some kind of crazy estrogen thing.
` Finally, however, she managed to wrest it back, which caused Monkey Kitty Guy’s demeanor to begin resembling that of Sherlock Holmes for no apparent reason.

` Yeah. Sure. Anyway, if you’d like to see some more substantial words that go along with these pictures, I have already written a few adventurous things about poetry night. (Here's another one!) And, as it is Thursday, I shall soon begin another adventure!
` Wish me luck!


Wed-nes-day said...


Your photograpy seems to have improved somewhat. 'grats

Galtron said...

I agree! Your more recent photos are even better than these - considering that all you have to work with is your CDC! Then again, it's easier when you have nonboring subjects such as mountains and trees.

Aaron said...

Spoony, who is the young man who resembles Jesus in the fourth picture? Are these photos of the second coming?

S E E Quine said...

` Thank you, peoples. Yes, I am getting used to the ways in which I can use my CDC.

` And Aaron, that apparently is the real Jesus. Just last night he was saying that he wanted to make a T-shirt that reads I'm coming. Look busy.
` I'll have more on that later.

Denny said...

now thats a good tshirt for cassies cause, put pic of jesus int he middle of the shirt witht that slogan, now thats funny.

Anonymous said...
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