Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lou Ryan

` I was originally striving to finish another post about something completely different, though I had some things to do and so had to settle for putting one up about Lou Ryan. What can I say?

` He's cute. Well; he is a superhero.

` He even has cute muscles.

` Lou has actually gotten himself into better shape since that picture was taken: Pretty soon, he'll be able to wrestle and skin a robot with his bare hands!

` Er...Yeah. And despite his savage appearance, we spend a lot of free time hanging out with one another. Just today; we ran some errands together and laughed when a dresser slid out of the back of the P.T. Cruiser in front of us.
` Silly hatchback drivers, thinking that they can get along just fine without bungee cords!

` In an e-mail, my friend Andie (who currently resides on a rock near Canada) commented that, rather than going for one of the wild and crazy men, I had sprung for one of the less-well-preserved ones. One thing: He's always looked old for his age. I'm not sure if you can technically apply that term to him. The other thing: He’s plenty wild!
` And, whether or not you think he appears to be 'well-preserved'….

` Well, it doesn't matter when he's blurry! (Or is he losing molecular cohesion?) Oh, and... he rocks, absolutely, so that doesn't matter! Oh yeah, and so does that other guy in the photo. ‘Dryan’, I think his name is….

` Well, Nympho has arrived, as well as Xeno, Adorable Gay Hottie (who is now sporting a drastically abridged edition of his hair), and several other Weird People.

` And now it is the time for Commencing Poetry-Related Activities!


Aaron said...

Well Spoony, it's a good thing your new friend is not well preserved. You wouldn't want him to be pickled.

cassie d said...

is this your new 'friend'? haha!

you know what they say about preserves...

well, i was going to make a clever joke about popping the lid off to find out blah blah blah -
but i'll just stick with


AND he plays an instrument!!!

S E E Quine said...

` Yes, indeed. In fact, he's going to rock out here at Wired and Unplugged at around 19:15! It won't be long now!

` ...I'm due at 20:15, incidentally.

Galtron said...

Rock on! And... Scare them silly!

Anonymous said...
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