Saturday, April 08, 2006

“What the hell?”: Brought to you by Sprint PCS!

` I got this letter in the mail yesterday:

Thank you for your recent application for wireless service from Sprint. In considering your application, we reviewed the credit history records available from a consumer reporting agency. Based on the information in those records, we cannot approve you for service on the terms you requested.
` ‘Okay,’ I reasoned, ‘then why did they give me service in the first place?’ I was awake all night, wound up from that letter as well as other things, until I finally decided to find the number for Sprint Customer Service. Thankfully, a Representative told me that, yes, it makes no sense at all, and that I should disregard the letter.
` Good. Because I am a paying customer, dammit! In fact, the Great God of Sprint Bills has demanded my payment for April 26th, and it has already been placated with a check-sacrifice as of March 31.
` I don’t screw around with bills. Unless Wayne were to greatly displease me. ...Heh.

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