Saturday, April 08, 2006

My pleas have been answered! Behold: The Lock!

` As of this moment, I am sitting at my computer in my closet and all of the smoke detectors in the house are going off.
` My ears.
` Why, you ask? Dust. And why is the air dusty? Because, after I threatened to not pay rent for lack of having a lock on my door, Wayne finally sent a guy named Darryl over to drill and chisel out a place for installing the other part of my door lock.

` Here he is, just now!!

` And gee, it only took 68 days! (I have got to work on my pestering skills!)

` On top of that, Darryl here is also installing my window-blinds! That’s good, because Lou and I had just tried to figure out how to put some together the other day! They are most confusing.

` ...Now if I could just get the internet, I would be all set!


Galtron said...

Great Googly-Mooglies! Security and privacy, all in the same day!

S E E Quine said...

` It's unnatural!

Amber said...

I'd keep my eye on Darryl, it looks more like he's installing a lock to keep you in as opposed to keeping others out.

Denny said...

I concur,looks shady to me

Galtron said...

Perhaps you are right... knowing Wayne, it's too good to be true!

Anonymous said...
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