Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Addendum: Last Laugh

` Hours after my last post, when I had come back to my apartment, I immediately hung up my coat (which contains my keys) and got off to dish-washing because I'd been lazy earlier in the day.
` When I returned to my room, I found that my door was locked!
` ...Yes, the lock bolts every time you close the door - I had not noticed this earlier. That was bad. Really bad. Especially since I never had gotten around to forcing my windows open.

` Concerningly, I'd found that they are very easy to open from the outside, though they are still impossible to open from the inside.
` I don't understand why.
` However, I remedied this situation by buying window-clamps. Yay! Now, if I accidentally lock myself out of my apartment, I'll be screwed for sure!

` In addition to my riveting closet-apartment news; Lou Ryan used his superpowers to assemble my shelves while they were on vacation at his house! They really make my 7x12 space seem like an entire 8x12!


Galtron said...

...So that's what Wayne was up to!!

S E E Quine said...

` ...If that wasn't enough, he has sent Darryl back to the house to set up more booby traps.
` Okay, not really. He's actually working hard to remodel the upstairs.

` ...Unfortunately, I have been too under-the-weather again this 32-day period (!) to spend most of my time out of the house. That means I have to listen to his circular saw, power drill and radio all day whether I'm trying to sleep or not.
` But hey, at least there will be more tenants to badger Wayne about housing conditions. In fact, two more downstairs rooms have become occupied in the past few days!

Denny said...

i always hide keys, for everything. house, car you name it, just because i lose my keys all the time. I try not to but anymore its just a given. Now i always have a backup and much less grief because of my absent mindedness.

S E E Quine said...

` I used to do that. And then I hid my mind.... I've never been able to work out where it could possibly be. Perhaps it wandered off.

Anonymous said...
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