Saturday, April 15, 2006

They come knocking at my door...

` Written last night....

` I am not home most of the time, it seems, and so I often wonder who I miss knocking at the door. So many people have come up to the porch, looking for people who don’t live here, or even looking to buy trash from the backyard….
` Surprisingly, I’ve actually been home a bunch of the time lately, only leaving to hang out with Lou, the crazy people at Denny’s – including Kitty Monkey Guy – or his groovy family (Book-Listener and Cake Therapist) due to my weighty lethargy, runny nose and (shortly after making my last post on this blog) attentive prevention of the ruination of my underwear.
` In other words, instead of suffering from my usual PSIS (Pre Sinus-Infection Syndrome), it has indeed been genuine PMS. (If it isn’t one, it’s the other, I guess… and it started on the 13th, more or less as I had predicted!)

` What was I rambling on about incoherently? Oh… so I’ve actually been home all day, only leaving to get the mail. I probably would have roused myself to walk to the bank and the library, except it was raining like it does in Ohio. Meaning, it was not drizzling.
` At around 20:00 hours, I was in my closet, talking to my mom (who was up late after much activity in West Virginia), when a knock sounded on the front door. I saw a young woman standing on the porch, so I cracked the door open and said; “Hi. Who are you?”
` She asked me; “Hi, are your parents home?”
` “Well,” I said. “I’m on the phone with my mom right now – she’s on vacation at the moment, but that doesn’t matter because she doesn’t even live on this side of the country, anyway. If that’s what you were wondering.”
` She clarified that she meant whoever was in charge of the house because she needed a place to stay and asked if this was a Clean and Sober house.
` I said; “I don’t think it is, but I can assure you that everyone here is both clean and sober. And, I am fairly certain that the supposedly unoccupied room is, in fact, only halfway occupied by doors and window blinds. But they’re very decent doors and window blinds. They shouldn’t bother you.”
` And she said; “I know this sounds weird, but would anyone living in your house mind if I spent the night here, because I can’t find the house I was supposed to be staying in. All I need is to take a shower and throw my laundry in the dryer.”
` “We actually don’t have a dryer.”
` Her eyes widened. “You’re kidding,” she monotoned.
` “No,” I said, “but I do know that the house next door does have one.”
` So, she went over there, presumably, and was most likely swallowed up by some creature in the night.

` Somehow, I get the impression that this is the kind of neighborhood where a lot of knocking on doors occurs due to poor communication skills. If only I were home more often – who knows what kind of wackmobiles and wonderful freaks or travelers might be happening by while I’m gone!
` Generally, I actually spend time away from home as much as I possibly can – some days I’m only home for about an hour or so before I take off again until the next day. At least for today, I’ve been ill enough to not have to wonder for once.


Galtron said...

Ha ha... 'are your parents home?' You and your youthfulness!

S E E Quine said...

` Must be the acne.

Anonymous said...
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