Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Visual Recap

` I'm sure that those of you who have been following my life, you have actually experienced just how long it has taken me to gain a lock and window blinds. For those of you who have missed it, here are two photos that demonstrate the length of time.
` I took this with my CDC way back in February, not too long after I'd moved in and ripped the plastic off the windows. Note the staggeringly copious amounts of frost and snow (for Everett, I mean).

` This photo flaunting my brand-new window blinds was taken earlier today. Notice the leaves and April showers.

` Yes, it is rather... uh... cheery today. In fact, just to the left of that picture was a dead cat, its beautiful, long fur matted and soaked.
` I just thought that my Ohio friend 'Jonathan' might appreciate that image. On a happier note, I fully intend to put up a science-oriented post shortly. Lucky you.


Galtron said...

And I shall reiterate: Great Googly-Moogly! Visual proof of the windowblinds at last!

S E E Quine said...

` Yes, thought I'd post photos in case there were any who refuted their existence.

SOB said...

Long and matted fur huh. Youre so good with words ;)

S E E Quine said...

` Grarg. Yes... long and matted fur. I know. What came over me and my descriptive abilities?
` How about... undulating, stuck-together lumps of soaked fibers?

Anonymous said...
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