Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Frustrations Utterly Destroyed by Really Good News!

` My life has been frustrating at times. And full of sleep deprivation: On the rare occasion that I actually spend the night in the comfort of my own closet, a prolonged commotion outside of my window will inevitably wake me up and I will be forced to chase groups of noisy young men off the lawn.
` ...Unfortunately, this tends to wake me up even more!
` There has also been a lot of internet deprivation going on, especially when you factor in how often I am forced to use my Library Minutes at inopportune times when people whisper like crazy during my booked period, which, if I give up, results in my losing all my free internet privelages of the day.
` Pulling my hair out and constantly signaling to others 'shut up!!', I am usually determined to take advantage of my timeslot despite the fact that I am powerless to be productive under such conditions and am only able to read for a few seconds at a time when the sound abates enough to 'reset' my brain (about five seconds), though sometimes I just have to leave and give up the rest of my minutes.
` Why can't people just talk in really low voices? That doesn't bother me at all!

` Even more irritating is that Blogger is not always operational: I did something really weird to my blog last night, without realizing it, and when I went all the way up to Wired and Unplugged, they were closed due to vacation! When I got back to Everett, I got on the internet at the library and checked out my emails and replied to comments.
` Just as I was about to use my last 15 minutes to post something on Blogger at 5:00, it went down until 5:45! Thwarted once again!

` As I've said before... Thank Goodness for Zippy's! And on top of that, I just realized something... I can plug my Crappy Digital Camera into the computers here!

` Do you realize what this means!?!? The Grand Implications!?!? (Oh, where's an interrobang when you need one?)

` Not only can I transfer documents via a//: drive at the library, I can upload all my pictures, all without the internet at my own place!

` That's good because I took some really weird pictures yesterday - as yet unmodified, though - and was puzzling over just how to get them online.

` In other news: You want to know something weird? I got an email from Loren Coleman. I knew the name sounded familiar, so I looked it up on my blog. OH MY GAWD! IT'S TEH BIGFOOT PERSONG GUY!!! I had written in My Bigfoot Critique Series:

` In the 2003 book Bigfoot!, I should note that author (and Bigfoot investigator) Loren Coleman does agree that Ray certainly perpetrated a whole lot of footprint hoaxes around the workplace. Comparing Ray's fake wooden feet to plaster casts made at Bluff Creek in 1960, he concludes that they are a perfect match.
` They are fake, he says, and so were other tracks found on his construction site from 1958 through the 60s. However, for reasons I cannot comprehend, Coleman concludes that the Jerry Crew tracks specifically were made by a real Bigfoot, even though the ones at other Wallace sites were not!

` I was confused and somewhat offended by it, so I replied to him two sentances, the first asking why he sent me the e-mail, the second telling him that I had no faith in bigfoot.
` He responded shortly:

"Spoon Quine"?

I don't recall placing your email address in my address book. What header came with this email *to* you?

I too am a critical thinker, but not a "believer" at all. And I use my real name.

Best wishes
Loren Coleman

` Bizarre. Well, my time is up and I must go off to make dinner. Pictures and weirdness later. And don't be afraid to check out what Dr. Nociceptor's been up to!


Galtron said...

Yes.... don't knock CDC's.... they double as poor man's (or woman's) memory sticks.

I am extatic.

S E E Quine said...

` I just wish I'd known that when my computer had first became functional!

Anonymous said...
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