Friday, July 06, 2007

At last; from the past!

` Remember when Lou deleted all the pictures on my camera and I got depressed? That was almost a year ago, back when I had my Crappy Digital Camera. Believe it or not, but shortly after the incident I did actually try to take them all again! Really! I just forgot to put them up!

` Wanna see? They're totally ghetto-fab!

` First of all, I apparently didn't get any 'retakes' of the huge, awesome lights on the bank's ceiling, or of the Katie restaurant (though I was certain I had until I couldn't find those). However I did get more pictures of...

...Everett Community College, where Dandruff took a picture of me playing the Hungarian Rhapsody - with my coat collar turned up at an evil angle - in this really bright hallway with all these flags hanging from the ceiling above me.
` This obviously isn't me, but it is the hallway, and someone is playing the piano!

` Later, when the sun was shining really brightly, I took a picture of the lovely flowers and trees and totem poles, which took three tries.
` Uhhhhh... I have just one such photos, with only one person instead of many.

` When we got on the bus, I took a few pictures of X-Dan behind me, looking menacing, until I got one that was really good. Lou really liked that one.
` Sorry, didn't go on any more buses with X-Dan, so I didn't do another one of those.
` I ALMOST FORGOT!! To pick up our order, we went to Alfy's Pizza where a commercial was being shot, and I took a picture of their weird video game terminals and the camera aimed at the pizzas drenched in sunlight.
` Do I need to tell you I didn't see any more commercials being filmed?
` From there we continued over to Dandruff's house and I took a picture of his cat on their porch high above the rolling hills over the Snohomish Valley, in the golden sunset with this neat string of little hangey-down flags behind her. It was really nice!
` Well, I didn't get another picture of that exactly, but I did get the cat on the porch, who kept turning around and not looking at my camera...

` ...And I did get the view from which the photo had been taken. For some odd reason, there seems to be a mini-Krazy Larry just in front of the pillow the cat had been on.

` Later on we went to Zippy's and after taking about ten pictures, I managed to take a really great picture of him as he chewed on an empty milk jug.
` Lucky me, that wasn't the only time. (Apparently, Zippy is into recycling.)

` Then, Flinch, X-Dan and I went to Castle and I took a few pictures of the drag queens. It was really awesome! I also drew a couple - the one who sang 'Boobs' and the cute, 'Boy George' one called Fendi - because I had my sketchbook with me.
` As longtime readers of my blog know, I have since gotten many pictures of drag queens (though probably not Fendi). But, as an added bonus, how about something even more attractive? How about a completely different long lost picture?
` One that I didn't put up for a really good reason? Here goes!

` That was before I started getting buff at the YMCA... It's amazing how puny my arms were back then!
` I also have more long-lost photos coming up, plus hundreds of new FabCam photos, and a science post. Don't miss them!


Dan said...

That's a fun photo (the last one)! I can't wait to see the rest (the ones you alluded to in a comment you just left me).

Kingcover said...

Everything was going fine and then I got to the last picture and then I had to go and read the entire post all over again ;-)

Kingcover said...

Have a good weekend bytheway!

Galtron said...

Don't tell me, you're compiling these dish-shower photos into abook called 'Showering With Dishes; A Proud Tradition!'

Aren't you?

Reserve me the first copy, will you?

S E E Quine said...

` Oh yes, Galtron, ya got me. But I can only give you the second copy because the first copy goes to Artie Barnes - how he would ache to see it!

` Dan, I am sure you will really love my next post! I promise!

` Aw, Gareth, do I really get you so mixed up? ;D I'll send you the third copy.
` Glad to say, I'm having a splendid weekend so far, especially since it's so nice and sunny!

Denny said...

I love the captions on your shower dishwashing pic ! Priceless spooney. Dont eat pink cake.

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks. I'll try not to. ;)

Anonymous said...
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