Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm melting! I'm melting!

` ...Or at least the flab is melting off me! Does anyone remember the post that illustrated my former flab by displaying close-ups of my underwear and other regions? I know some of you do! And I don't intend to break my promise of more such photos to Galtron!
` And so, for the amusement of many of you, I will post... pictures of my body after working out at the YMCA a lot!! Look! This was me just over a month ago, right after I'd cut my hair too short!

` Although it's hard to tell how much more toned I've gotten (especially since I was wearing an overshirt), at least you can sorta see that my boobies are smaller than they had been!

` Yay! Smaller boobies!!! Not only that, but smaller thighs! (And appropriately sexy and weird underwear for once!)

` As you can see, though I'm standing with my legs even closer together than last time, they are not in danger of touching each other as they had been....

` Surely that isn't so hard to appreciate? (Well, it was for me when it irritated the hell out of me!!) Oh, and now for my belly. Not much flab here now, is there?

` As you can probably tell, though I can now fit into every pair of pants I own, I could not do so before....

` Best for last; did anyone guess that I might display my 'new' arms? Look at this!! Boo-yah! My arms were so skinny before and now I have frickin' muscles!

` ...In fact, I suspect my arms had before been covered primarily with flab, which is the only reason they didn't look skeletal! Look at that!!

` Mua ha ha ha haaaaa! Now I am sexier than ever - I'm now at Sexiness Level 5! These powers are even greater than simple sexual radiation! (Oooh, now that's a good post, there!)
` Hope you liked/laughed at my new photos! Though I tastefully chose not to re-do the one of my butt, I think Dan's done a good enough job in that area!


Dan said...

S, you look fantastic! The work-outs have really made a difference! Smaller boobies?? Go on! How big were they? You're fine in that department!

Thanks for the mention at the end. :) It's ironic how our posts are often so similar. We're on the same wavelength!

Hugs S!

S E E Quine said...

` Great minds do think alike, heh heh!

` Y'know, I suppose my booby-shrinkage is not that noticeable to other people, but I'm sure glad not to have to wear a bra anymore. Jiggling is not my cup of tea!
` ...Incidentally, superhero Lou Ryan had the same kind of problem - until he switched to briefs.

Not Ashley said...

Your results are very noticeable! Good for you.

Denny said...

very nice work, looking good! I agree briefs all the way.

Joey M. said...

That first picture would fit perfectly onto your MySpace- god knows every other girl on there has a picture like that. It would be pretty funny if you put on your profile there.

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks guys!

` Naw, Joey, I don't think I could possibly stoop that low, not even as a joke. Especially since I have several really 'cool' photos I would rather put up but don't care enough to.

Galtron said...

Sexiness level 5? I thought you were AT LEAST at level 7!

Thanks for keeping your promise Spoony, *sniff* I'll never forget this!

Kingcover said...

Umm why did Lou used to wear a bra before he changed to briefs?!?! Hehe ;)

You're looking good there SQ. You look quite tall as well?

Crabby said...

You looked good before! But.... I always think working out is a good idea. The arm muscles are fantabulous! You go, See!

S E E Quine said...

` Oh, Galtron! I may put some things aside for a while, but they are not easily forgotten!
` ...Now what was my homework assignment again?

` Gareth, I am actually 5'8" - though (random tidbit) not 5'8" enough to be a runway model!
` Which is fine because I would frickin' hate being a model anyway!

` If anyone gives you any more problems on your blog, Crabs, you know where to find me... and my arms!

locomocos said...

you are so funny, hot mama spoony!

you look spectacular!

Anonymous said...
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