Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Amazing news, everyone: I really AM da bomb!

` ...Go here and scroll down: I'm making yet another blog - a serious one! - and it's being recommended by David Petersen from the Worthy Science Sources website!
He says I have enough potential for this most daunting task!

` This is the most awesome thing that's ever happened to me! Yes, even cooler than being in kickass movies! I'm not frickin' lying! It says on the website right now, if you look:

Coming Soon...

A New Blog Website Devoted To Essays On Science, Philosophy, And Current Events Established By Sara Quine

` W00+!

` ...Though, for those of you who still crave my copious amounts of insanity, I only have that much more goofiness to bestow upon you! No more shall you be troubled by serious scholarly items! I shall be even more silly (and naked) than ever!


` In other news, there are a couple of cops and fire department EMTs chasing what appears to be a heavily-intoxicated individual through the Verizon parking lot across the street at this moment.
` Ah, the ghetto of Ever-rott. Such is my reality, high in potential though I may be.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

If you don’t want to lose your cheeriness, go back one day in my blog from the Marlette post to Monday’s jokes. Some of those may add to your merriment.

Was the “heavily-intoxicated individual” caught—or did he/she evade the pursuers?

Thanks for visiting Nick’s Bytes.

locomocos said...

congrats spoony!! sounds awesome!

Crabby said...

See, GET THESE COPS OFF MY ASS, WILL YA? You said if I came to visit I could have a good time.

Congrats and cheers, missy. You deserve every good review you get in my most humble opinion.

Galtron said...

Way to go Spoony! You are really movin' on up in the writing (or at least blogging) world!

Iris VonKornea said...

The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain!

Denny said...

duh. we alreadh know you were da bomb

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks everyone!!!

` Nick, I think those jokes are slightly better than anything I've posted. Thanks!

` So glad you've escaped, Crabby! Evidently my attack squirrel threw them off your trail....

` Iris, I'm getting a little concerned. I'm assuming it didn't go well with the rocket-powered wheelchair?

Anonymous said...
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