Friday, September 22, 2006


` ...I have no proof that yesterday existed! Unfortunately, my memory needs to be refreshed by looking at the pictures in order for me to remember what I did yesterday. (And they were actually very artistic Crappy Digital Photos, as I was working really hard to make them decent-looking, erasing and re-taking as many as needed!)

` Luckily, I remember what I was doing at the exact time I took the pictures - though not much beyond that. If I was actually looking at the pictures, I would remember more.

` You'll just have to deal with my verbal descriptions:

` First, I went with X-Dan to his bank, which had really huge, awesome lights in the ceiling, so I took one of him from a low angle with the ceiling in the background. Then, we had breakfast at Katie restaurant and took a bus to Everett Community College, where Dandruff took a picture of me playing the Hungarian Rhapsody - with my coat collar turned up at an evil angle - in this really bright hallway with all these flags hanging from the ceiling above me.
` Later, when the sun was shining really brightly, I took a picture of the lovely flowers and trees and totem poles, which took three tries. When we got on the bus, I took a few pictures of X-Dan behind me, looking menacing, until I got one that was really good. Lou really liked that one.
` I ALMOST FORGOT!! To pick up our order, we went to Alfy's Pizza where a commercial was being shot, and I took a picture of their weird video game terminals and the camera aimed at the pizzas drenched in sunlight.
` From there we continued over to Dandruff's house and I took a picture of his cat on their porch high above the rolling hills over the Snohomish Valley, in the golden sunset with this neat string of little hangey-down flags behind her. It was really nice!
` Later on we went to Zippy's and after taking about ten pictures, I managed to take a really great picture of him as he chewed on an empty milk jug.
` Then, Flinch, X-Dan and I went to Castle and I took a few pictures of the drag queens. It was really awesome! I also drew a couple - the one who sang 'Boobs' and the cute, 'Boy George' one called Fendi - because I had my sketchbook with me.
` It was around two in the morning or so after I'd driven X-Dan and Flinch home. Lou was awake when I got in the door, so he got up and changed his clothes (he was dressed because I told him I'd come in and pounce on him, but I was too tired to do that, much less upload my pictures) and I brushed my teeth and went straight to sleep.

` Then, I woke up this morning shortly before Lou came in from part of his work day, and I noticed he had my digital camera in a plastic bag and said that he'd taken some pictures at work. My camera's memory had been full up to the brim with crazy pictures (seventeen was the limit this time), which he said that he had looked at and really liked.
` I asked Lou if he'd moved my pictures to my computer, and he told me that I'd given him the okay to erase them, because I'd evidently already done that. ...Even though they would have not been in the camera at all if I'd moved them to my hard-drive, and so evidently they had not been transferred.
` And, so he had deleted all of them.
` Apparently, he's unaware of the fact that when you try to wake me up after being sleep deprived and only getting four hours of sleep, I don't wake up, I just say whatever needs to be said to get people to go away. It's had huge reprocussions in my life, especially when I have been known to get up and answer important phone calls in my sleep and make people hate me.
` Really. I'm sometimes quite rude when I'm asleep. In fact, once I woke up and answered the phone at two in the morning and then fell asleep and continued talking. Only after I'd totally freaked them out did I wake back up and wonder what the hell had been going on.

` So now, I have no pictures. And I'm really upset, partly because even though they were instamatics, many of them were really nice!! Lou can testify. (It may be a CDC, but I'm learning how to use it.)

` So now, I'm sitting here, sipping some herbal tea - which I'd apparently won at Zippy's, though for some reason I seriously can't remember doing so - and am continuing to be really upset.
` Usually, when people destroy my irreplacible memories, I get that way. (Pictures = memories in my head.) You shoulda seen it when my dad stole my diaries and everything I'd ever written, my computer, etc. I was feeling more violated than ever and I was upset that I couldn't go back and read what I had done in my life, because I just couldn't remember anything on my own. And worse, he was reading all that stuff and wouldn't give it back, saying that it was worthless to me, but meant the world to him!
` You see, in order for me to remember much of anything, I have to make a record of it so that I can look at it later, thus stimulating my memory. I don't know why. Perhaps it partly has to do with my extremely stunted hippocampus.
` Though I can remember what I was doing when I was taking the pictures - well, that's only half of the process. Seeing the pictures completes the remembering process. Probably part of it is because I cannot visualize very well: Photos, as well as spatial memory and remembering which events occurred after which, help to make up for my lack of visual memory. I cannot easily imagine a picture in my head, and when you have a piece like that missing, you apparently cannot stimulate other parts of your memory.
` Grraaah! I worked hard to take all those really great pictures, and all I have to complete my memory circuits are a few measely pictures of a rotted-out foundation!
` Sorry X-Dan, your journal entry isn't much help.

` ...I'll get over it, though. Maybe I'll even take more pictures of the same things at other times to make up for the really good ones.

` ...Unfortunately, the really nice pictures which had the sun in them are going to need to take a while, because it's going to be cloudy almost constantly for the next six months.

` UPDATE: I soon 're-took' many of the photos that I have lamented. It just took me a really long time to get them up.


Galtron said...

That's so horrible all your pictures were utterly destroyed! The pain! I want to see them now!

Especially the drag queens! I've never been to one of those shows!

S E E Quine said...

` They're so cute and cuddly! Now that I think about it, there was this really old, fat guy of some significance who was really into the whole thing and taking pictures and being kissed by them and everything.
` Guh.

Anonymous said...
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