Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hilarious video evidence of Lou Ryan's existence!

` Yes, he really does exist and auditions for all sorts of projects! In fact, not only did he play the part of the martial arts-trained evil mastermind Orrin in The Rat (that film we were in here and here), but he also was killed twice in a tribute film to that guy who organized the fight scenes in The Matrix. (No, he doesn't come back to life - he plays two different evil henchmen, one of whom is frightened out of his wits!)
` All in all, he's been shot at, thrown through the air, done some some really amazing acrobatic fight scenes (as choreographer and participant), and there's another character who pokes a guy's eye out and crushes his skull. ...And, whenever we get the reel to these films, they are immediately going up on the web!
` But we don't have them, so I can't show you.
` ...I did promise you something, didn't I? Well, there is one thing - it just so happens that a little while back Lou did a video audition to be the cute little host for some kind of interactive virtual reality technology thing. You know, the personality that talks to you and can sometimes get annoying because you can't talk to a recording? Yes, one of those!
` However, he's apparently not perky and adorable enough to be 'Diva experience' material. I also think that much of this audition could have been better, though it was done before he even memorized the script. (And, if you listen closely you can hear the traffic outside. I just love living on a busy street....)
` One additional weird thing - the video appears to be stretched sideways! Indeed, the camera may add five pounds but distortion from being uploaded to MySpace adds fifty!
` So anyway, here it is. Enjoy. Giggle. Bask in the gloriousness that is Lou Ryan.

` And, for the bravest of us, I understand that Joey (The Swill Man) has gotten his own website. What did he do with it? Put up a most unusual video that strangely does not trigger my fear of clowns. I just stare blankly, never having played Full Throttle. Go for it.


Galtron said...

Ha ha ha, lol and all that--I can see he's good! Lou sounds considerably more different that I imagined. Is he from Canada?

Joey M. said...

Swish! Thanks for the plug! Maybe you should change the link to the Undercover Clowns page...it's really annoying to get linked straight to a video. But watch for the movie- it'll be done by June 13th!

S E E Quine said...

` Oh, der... forgot about this post.

` Actually, Galtron, Lou is from Oregon. The company is Canadian, hence his kind-of accent to 'blend in'.

` No prob, Joey. And now people will better be able to check out the entire film!
` I am almost afraid. Hold me. (But don't get boy cooties on me!!)

Anonymous said...
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