Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finals are OVER! (Only nine more quarters to go...)

` SQEEE and other horrible sounds complements of Artie 'Gam' Barnes! Plus, I got this new phone....

` ...Wait a second! It's not a RAZR - it's a SHAVR! Garrrrrr!

` What was I babbling on about? Oh yes, my finals! Well, you know what this means, huh? Think about it; I've barely posted anything science-like, much less anything at all, since I've been going to school because I was devoting almost all my time, mad writing skillz and sciencey-learning-type brain resources to my classes!
` But now I have a week off to make up for it!! Mua ha ha ha!
` And I think it was all worth it - I did a really good job on my finals and I'm pretty confident I completely aced my psychology final! Ye-ah! It would make G-man proud!
` Man, I love psychology! And I like the person who was teaching it as well! I remember I was leaving the classroom while other people were still finishing up and I turned to my psychology professor (this guy) with a pout, waving sadly and we almost started laughing. Agony!
` But, in a week I will take yet another psychology class from someone else and hopefully hang out with certain people who will be in it and we will be happy. HAPPY!
` Wow, I'm so excited that my writing is suffering terribly!
` That reminds me, just so my readers could see how well I did on my Journalism final, I tried to save it on my FlashDrive. ...Unfortunately, Word crashed when I tried to do that! (What is it with Macs?) Anyway, I do have a practice exercise saved, one that I was not even graded on.
` Like the final, it was written from a bunch of 'notes' about a specific news event, though it is considerably shorter. Also, the article for the final was about these two boys in a canoe who found themselves in the wrong part of a river and one was horribly killed in the rapids while the other was rescued by whitewater rafters.
` Lovely, huh?
` Well, I wrote this exercise in class during the twenty minutes we were given. My teacher was really impressed. (I hope she's equally impressed by the final, and I hope I get it back!)

` A car smashed through the front window of a restaurant Saturday night, though no one was seriously injured.
` According to police, retired schoolteacher Lois Zanzar, 81, was just about to park her car in the lot of the local Steak and Brew when her foot accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes.
` Her car shot through the brick wall and plate glass and then into several empty tables.
` The tables, along with glass, silverware and plates of food, flew into Chester Garland, a health inspector, and his wife Charlotte, who were treated for small cuts by paramedics.
` “I’m usually concerned about the safety of the food at a restaurant, not the safety of the front wall,” said Chester Garland, who was celebrating his 48th birthday.
` Also treated for minor injuries was a waitress, Sarah Kindstrom, 23, who said that the restaurant was forty years old and needed a face lift anyway.
` Zanzar, who was wearing her seat belt and protected by her airbag, was not injured at all.
` There’s no hard feelings, says Steak and Brew’s manager, Pucker T. Smith. Zanzar is a regular customer and he says that once the restaurant is back in action, her corner booth will be waiting for her.

` Pretty light-hearted story, huh? No deaths or anything! And, bestest of all, one of my Journalism assignments finally made it into EVCC's The Clipper! (Under the title Awkward Teen Stages? What is the point?) Whoo-hoo! Publication at last!
` Uhhh... is there anything I missed? Oh yeah!!! I found my long lost friend, Alyssa! (Whom I've written briefly about here, shortly before I met my superhero boyfriend.) I thought I'd never get in touch with her again! Yay for proving myself wrong!


Galtron said...

Nice phone, nice article and nice job finding a long-lost friend! (I have one of those and I still can't locate him...)

S E E Quine said...

` It's easiest when one's long-lost friend signs up on the same person-finder as you....

Joey M. said...

Ah, shame nobody will be able to download Ev'ry Little Bug unless they're a Voobaha member.

S E E Quine said...

` *smacks head with hand* D'oh!

locomocos said...

nice story! congrats on gettting published!

Wi-Hoo!!! Finals done!! YEAH!

Anonymous said...
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