Saturday, May 19, 2007

I was killed horribly last night!

` ...I'm also back from being a trigger-happy goth underling. How do I look for a dead chick?

` As you may have gleaned, Lou and I drove to Portland last night to re-shoot some stuff for Nate's movie, The Rat. Luckily, we snagged Nympho at the last second and also grabbed a different pair of Dead Fetus Guy's boots. Even more luckily, we didn't need to grab Dead Fetus Guy himself because I take it his scenes were thankfully not marred by the air conditioner being on at random times.
` The on-set experience was much like last time (staying up all night in a parking garage with a grate as the only bathroom), except for the fact that Nympho and I did not leave except to sneak into a dorm building to put on our makeup, and then into a different dorm building to take it off.
` We also got to film some more stuff, including the scene in which Nympho and I are riddled with bullets and slump to the floor in a lifeless heap. I think she looked very badass at that moment, in a spray of fake blood, wearing all her shiny goth doodads, utilikilt, corset and gas mask while cocking her rifle to squeeze the trigger one last time.
` Me, I just kicked backwards a couple times, slammed into our evil villain van and fell forwards onto the concrete. Unfortunately, the first time I happened to land on my knees....

` Also, instead of falling asleep on my feet I got to sleep for three hours in my car while Nympho read a book and Lou got the crap kicked out of him in close accordance with my storyboards. (I can be so cruel sometimes!) But, he says, it was well worth it! And Nate - though his toe may be broken - couldn't be happier!
` Lou is such a good fight choreographer! Apparently, he made everyone look so amazing! I love him so much for... everything! Indeed, I think this is adequate enough evidence of both.

` Well, I'm going to get some more sleep now. And thanks again, Cheshire, for the goth stuff! We all love you for that!


Galtron said...

Spoony! I am taken with your hotness, despite your deadness. But what happened to the rest of your head?

locomocos said...

haha! i like Lou flexing his guns! especially with his goth lip smack!

S E E Quine said...

` Ehhh, Galtron, the rest of my head is supposed to be done up in weird makeup, which I had wiped off at that point.
` It's like a teaser that way.

Anonymous said...
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