Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lucas is now the famous 'dancing janitor!' SWEET!

Check it out!!!! The video with my fiance Lucas as the Dancing Janitor has gone viral -- here it is once again:

How viral is it? Well, it's mentioned in the title of a local website TechFlash article, about the Microsoft contest, and a few other places....

I may as well continue with my journal entries, as well, considering something really weird happened the day after my last post:

May 10, 2010:

At six in the morning, Lucas woke me up, asking me if I'd ever heard of Geni-Value. A short time later, he came back up, saying that our bank account had been drained, plus an overdraft charge, in the wee hours of the morning, from this Geni-Value, which turns out to facilitate monetary exchange with pornography websites, and that the entire history on his MacPro had been deleted.

Evidently, someone was up late last night and used Lucas' computer to buy porn with our bank account!

When I came home from school, Lucas had gone to the bank and determined that someone had taken the new debit card he had been sent in the mail. And, since it couldn't have in a million years been Troy, and it also couldn't have been Rick, especially since I could hear him loudly snoring as usual in the wee hours of the morning, then that leaves Trouble Boy, Andrew.


Lucas called Andrew's dad over and they talked about this whole thing... apparently, he really, really didn't do it. This has been a bad day for him, considering that he realizes now just how much Lacy the meth chick was using him now that she's been kicked out of the house.

Later yet...

Lucas' new debit card came in the mail after all! So, where did the new card number come from? According to the lady at the bank, someone used Lucas' identity and ordered another debit card and activated it -- just to buy porn?

As far as the computer history goes, that was Rick's doing, because he himself was banking online last night and didn't want his information to be saved on Lucas' computer.

So, the thing with the computer is just a coincidence -- this is why I don't like jumping to conclusions!

May 11, 2010:

The Debit Card Drama continues, as I study for yet another Spanish test. Apparently, the lady at the bank made a mistake -- there was no new debit card number being used after all. What really happened was that someone has stolen Lucas' debit card number.

Who? Nobody at the bank can tell. We did have the police involved, but they can't do anything either.

In other news, Lucas has been growing his beard out again for the next episode of Hump City.

In yet more news... there's been a few more sub-plots going on that I never mentioned. For example, just as we were having difficulty with Lacy the homeless meth chick that was playing Andrew like a fiddle (and made him pawn off all his stuff), Troy brought by a much nicer homeless non-meth chick for a few days.

That would be Jen -- but the night she made us dinner was also the night she was moving into her new house, so she's not homeless anymore.
` By itself, this is not remarkable, but it was also at this time that a female relative of Rick's was just getting out of jail (she had gotten into jail because she fled the police) and she didn't have a place to stay.

So, we could have had three homeless chicks living at our house at the same time! But we didn't.

Pues, vamo estudiar ahora! Chau!


Anonymous said...

I love the disclaimer that the janitor doesn't come with the package!
Girl, is your life ever not crazy!?

S E E Quine said...

Nope! :D Even without crazy roommates, something else comes up. Speaking of crazy roommates, have you seen the trailer for Hump City in my last post? Now THAT'S crazy!

Daisy said...

Sarah, that is exciting news about Lucas' janitor video going viral. That's pretty cool!! Maybe that will boost his career even more. :-)

S E E Quine said...

We are hoping so! :D A lot of actors only dream of getting this much attention! And the best part is, the comments on that article pretty much say 'I vote for the dancing janitor.'

My comment, on the other hand, was along the lines of 'Oh my stars! My fiance is the amazing dancing janitor!' Ha!

EVEN BETTER, if this commercial wins, we get thousands of dollars!

Monado said...

I went and voted for Lou Ryan's video. It was sweet.

I do hope the bank reimburses you!

Just for you: special effects make-up!

Monado said...

I mean Lucas, of course!

S E E Quine said...

You can vote for the video? cool! Thanks! I didn't know that myself, or I would have.
` Either way, I know that has nothing to do with the contest because we already lost.

I KNOW! I was so disappointed because we would have gotten $6,000, and as it is, we need to find $45,000, and soon!

But yes, at least the bank did reimburse us!

Last night, which I will be posting about soon, we went to the 48 hour film festival where the time-traveling orange movie starring Lucas ("Sex A-Peel") was being shown:
` Despite the silly name, it was clearly the best movie there, so I'm pretty sure we're going to win some Adobe software! WOOT!

Just after that, we also went to the Hump City screening, which was at someone's house. It was a rough edit and I had trouble hearing it, but I'm pretty sure it's the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while. ...Pretty sure!

Oh, and the special FX makeup things... very, uh, charming!