Wednesday, October 17, 2007

'Proud Slaverian Guard' photos of me for REAL this time!!!

` So, I lied, and then was scared... but finally, guess what I just got in my inbox today?

Sorry it took so long, but here you go. This is all you can put up for now.

Talk to you later


Harry Tchinski
HarWen Productions
` Yes!! This is me in my dorky outfit, in pain at the end of the day, freezing cold in the 40-degree weather, my frigid, deformed feet wedged awkwardly in high heels, in some serious pain.... (you can read the story here!)

` I still look so cool, don't I?

` This is actually not an accurate photo of us girls - it's an exaggeration! In fact, the first version of this photo had only a digital manipulation to make my shoes match the other girls' shoes... this one has added shoulder thingies, arm-bands and little belts with swords. (Compare this to the drawrings I did - it's a funny thing when photos can be less accurate than artwork!)
` That's right, we didn't really have those in real life. They don't exist!!! But they look really real here, don't they? (I'm the 'flag girl' - remember?)

` ...So from left to right, that's Stunt Girl, Vera, Tiffani, Me, Late Girl, and Wroth. Anyway, I'm so glad I could finally put those up!! Copyright disclaimers are wonderful like that.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Finally, huh! And what do you mean telling me “too much skin”? These are tame—very tame. Of course, I ain’t studied ‘em under a magnifying glass yet!

Thanks, Sara! You really are a doll, as the images verify.

G-Man said...

Holy Shit!!!
What an awesome pic Sarah!
And I have a signed self-portrait of YOU before you became a star!!!
Wow, what a beautiful woman you are!
Great HNT....G xox

S E E Quine said...

` I guess I was just being funny, Nick, though the original photo does have more skin.

` Ha, G-Man! I knew you'd appreciate them!

angel said...

love it! you look fabulous!

Kingcover said...

Very very nice Spooney. Having six beautiful women in close proximity like that has to be illegal :-P
Now all you have to do is figure out how to sleep in that outfit because it's probably a fantasy of Lou's lol.

MONA said...

What lovely pictures Sara! You look so beautiful!

You are in movies?

Anonymous said...
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Galtron said...

Yup, looks like those photos are real... except for the added doodads! Lookin' good! So, are you hotties on Slaveria in those pictures? Also, is total enslavement of men the next step? (I hope!)

Anonymous said...

Us saiyans will wipe out your slaverian weaklings any day!

the2 -lol

Anonymous said...
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S E E Quine said...

` Little do you know, many of us have the powers of a Super Saiyan 7!! Wha haaaa haaa!