Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Remember that cruise I took?

` That was ten months ago, I know! I'm just announcing that I've since uploaded the rest of my pictures - all with humorous captions, etc - and put them on my new website, S E E Quine's Anomalous World!

` Oh yes. A website. Mostly devoted to my blogs or things that don't go on my blogs. A kind of 'best of' deal.

` Last I left off was my near-drowning experience in Catalina. But I never did get around to finishing my account of my adventure. For you see, we also went on to Mexico.

` There were many strange and interesting things I photographed that I cannot mention here. ...Because I want you to go see my website! You won't be disappointed!
` I will tell you - not that it's a secret or anything - that we did go horseback riding through the mountains!

` The next day we spent at sea. I took tons of pictures, but this was probably the most creative one:

` Not only were we well-entertained, but we also posed as entertainers.

` ...And then, this!

` I also took many stunning photos on our trip back (might want to click on this one!), and encountered a few huge funnies as well!

` Hope you visit my new website!


Kingcover said...

I visited your new site so do I get a prize now? Very nice S. I don't see anywhere that you can comment on it? Nice pics and ohhh to be somewhere that warm right now instead of this cooler weather :(

Galtron said...

So glad to finally learn the end of the story - after hanging in suspense for over half a year!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

A FIFTH site! And this new one is a, uh, “real” website. How are you going to keep up with all of this?

This is an excellent post! Good photos, neat words, and an “I’ll bet you had fun” kind of feeling!

angel said...

cool! i'll go there tonight so i can take my time and ogle everything properly!

S E E Quine said...

` You do get a prize, Kingcover/Gareth... the prize of... um... me blowing a kiss at the screen.
` Ohhhh to be somewhere that warm right now....

` Wow, Galtron, were your feet off the ground this whole time?

` Nick, I know!! How am I going to keep up with all of this? Hopefully it will be easier once October is over - I have to work at the corn maze tomorrow night, which is Friday, solid through to Wednesday! (Unless I get to be a Slaverian again over the weekend!)
` It's not a hard job, but it does involve losing sleep and being exhausted a lot.

` Angel, hope you had a happy ogling!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You're working at a corn maze? Didn't I read about a corn maze in a Stephen King novel? Scary.

S E E Quine said...

` Yes, and I have pictures I have yet to upload. Just like all my other pictures.
` And you know what else? Today's Thursday, so it'll be tomorrow night that I'll be working.
` I hope Harry calls me at the last moment and asks me to do a scene in Quadrant 42 this weekend....

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Why are you not uploading those photos directly to Blogger? It's easier, simpler, and more expedite than any other process.

If you’d rather be running around in your unmentionables on a cold mountain side that doing the corn maze gig, perhaps it is like the Stephen King story.

S E E Quine said...

` Because, every time I try to display them at 550px, or at the original width of the photo, the html gives me a big 'F.U.' and won't display the photo at all!
` So, basically I can't figure out how to control the size of the photos.

` And, luckily, the rest of the scenes I'm to be used in are indoor ones, so I won't be subject to hypothermia!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I thought I responded to your last comment, but I must have done so in my dreams.

No more outside scenes in the cold sounds great. I hope that’s where you are now.

Do you have a program that you can use to resize and otherwise manipulate your photographs? I use two programs before I upload them to the blog: one program crops and “enhances”; the other program resizes. Both are old, but were inexpensive when I obtained them. As a college kid, there should be some way to obtain software very inexpensively.

S E E Quine said...

` I have Microsoft Photo Editor, which does both. I usually just use that unless I need to do something 'special', in which case I use Gimp.
` I also have Adobe ImageReady, which is apparently a little like PhotoShop, but I've never used it.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

OK. I play around with digital photos, cropping, enhancing, reducing size, and then load them on to my blog via Blogger. It’s relatively fast—not as fast as when I had a DSL line—and much easier than using flickr or some other online site.

Just an idea.

S E E Quine said...

` Oh, that's right, you have dial-up, don't you?
` I hate dial-up. But then, I also hate Blogger photos - they're so militant about what sizes you can display your photos it's ridiculous!
` If I ever had dial-up, I would have to spend many hours uploading all my photos!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Happily, I’ll not be stuck with dial-up much longer, now that my moving is no longer eminent, I’m getting DLS again.

When you speak of size, are you referring to kb’s of photo or how it’s displayed on your blog? If it’s the latter, the Blogger “create” thingy allows one to click on graphics and pull or push the corner of them to what ever size one wants, limited only by the dimensions of the blog. Does that make sense? I’m a theologian and not a technical writer.

S E E Quine said...

...the Blogger “create” thingy allows one to click on graphics and pull or push the corner of them to what ever size one wants, limited only by the dimensions of the blog.

` Really? When did this happen? I might go for that....

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Ever since Blogger began allowing uploads! With my present blog template, I can make graphics very large if I want and the graphic can stand it. The only limitation on size is the size that the template allows for blogging—i.e., blog minus side bars.

Am I making sense?

S E E Quine said...

` Really? It never struck me to think of doing that! Weird. I so bought into that large - medium - small crap years ago! ('Touching' the pictures with the mouse generally resulted in them being deleted or something.)
` Thanks, Nick! No wonder you've figured it out so well! I'll have to experiment!
` Well, it's high time I get to school. Later!