Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm sorry I lied. I'm also really scared right now.

` I've been really busy and stressed out lately and have barely been online. The past three days are of utmost interest, however. The story unfolds as follows:

` Thursday night, there was some yelling and wall-pounding going on downstairs from about eleven until five in the morning. Somehow I got some sleep, but Lou didn't get much. Then he had to get up at six to go to work - lucky me, I get up at eight for school!
` Later on, we headed off with our bloody costumes to the Corn Maze - this year we are haunting a giant Bickford Ford logo! I'm not kidding.
` As we stopped at the gas station for a snack, who comes running up but B-Dizzle! (Did I mention he's back and doing well?) So we snagged him unexpectedly and all of us went to the giant Bickford.
` I admit I couldn't find a good place from which to surprise anyone, but B-Dizzle and Lou were great! There was also this chick dressed as a creepy little girl who is really scary - her teddy bear also has huge teeth and bloody claws!
` We were out until midnight, and we stopped at home before dropping off B-Dizzle and this guy I'll call Q-Ball thought B-Dizzle had actually gotten beaten up really bad!

` Then I was driving B-Dizzle home and we were amused to see, while we were going to the on-ramp for the freeway, some wastoid was taking off-ramp! He drove right up it without noticing the 'Wrong Way - Do Not Enter' signs!

` This morning, Lou and I went to the restaurant where B-Dizzle is a cook and had breakfast, saw B-Dizzle, and after we got home Lou started preparing for his audition.
` Then this black dude called, pretending to be an officer Hampton and asked Lou about some shooting that happened last night at eleven. After Lou assured him that he had been working at the corn maze, the guy says 'if you don't tell us, you're an accomplice, so you might as well turn yourself in,' or something like that.
` It really freaked us out!
` So then Lou called 911, and they had no idea what was going on. And then 'officer Hampton' called back and Lou thought he really was a police officer calling him back, so he asked, "Are you calling back because I called?" Oops.
` After he went to the audition, leaving his phone here because it can barely hold a charge anymore, the dude calls again, saying that he's a friend of Q-Ball's and that he's going to 'get' Lou for 'talking to the cops'. He said, "we're right outside your house!"
` Uh... why didn't he know better than to call us in the first place? Didn't he already know we weren't home last night? So, now because of stupidity on their part, we're really in danger here - from people who live just downstairs from us! WTF?!
` Problem is, I can't call Lou to warn him! I tried calling the director, but he isn't answering his phone, presumably because he's in the middle of auditions.
` I've also called 9-1-1, but the police haven't called me back.

(Read the comments for the amazing and shocking conclusion!)


Kingcover said...

WOWEEEEE!!!! Hang in there Spooney! Can you not go directly to your local police station. The least you could ask them to do would be to find Lou themselves and tell him what is going on and then Lou and you can decide what to do after that. Hope you get in contact with Lou very soon and nothing happens to you guys :-)

S E E Quine said...

` Whew! Lou got home just now!!

` I had been too afraid to leave my apartment because these people live right downstairs from us.
` It's very awkward.
` I called 9-1-1 and told the dispatcher "I hope they haven't killed my boyfriend" and he said, "Well, there's nothing we can do for you yet. You just have to wait your turn."
` Well, by the time they called me back, Lou had just come home - and now he's too scared to leave the apartment, too!

S E E Quine said...


` Lou was talking to the real Everett police sergeant - Garcia - and he got a call waiting, so he switched lines and...
` "Hi, this is ****, I'm Sergeant Hampton! I was just kidding you guys!!"

` OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! And we called the police on those people downstairs!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Glad you are OK thus far. It doesn’t make any difference who made the calls: there is a crime called “terroristic threatening” and it’s a felony in most states. Kentucky’s law (KRS 508.070) reads, in part:

“a person is guilty of terroristic threatening in the third degree when: (a) He threatens to commit any crime likely to result in death or serious physical injury to another person or likely to result in substantial property damage to another person.”

No one should have to live in fear of another. As Alex would say, “OK?"

Charles said...

Whoa. I just read this. Sorry, I haven't been around lately. I hope this has all been cleared up. Take care of yourself, and be careful.

S E E Quine said...

` Oh it will be cleared up, it will be... as Lou made clear to the guy on the phone (who was laughing, evidently thinking that this was hilarious).
` Then he switched back to the sergeant and told him to call off his squad cars that were approaching the house.

Kingcover said...

Sue the pants off him for putting you through all that worry and heartache! Some people take practical jokes wayyy too far. Dumb asses.

Galtron said...

Ditto. Wow!! Seriously! Well, look on the bright side; at least it didn't matter you couldn't reach Lou at his audition to warn him!
Well, so glad you're really okay -- that really freaked me out for a minute there!

S E E Quine said...

` Yeah, Gareth, this was beyond prank and into the realm of dumbassetry!

` Actually, Galtron, the irony is that the director was listening to my messages right in front of everyone and thought I was just some crazy person trying to trip him out!
` When Lou emailed him later to explain the messages, the guy had no idea that it had been me, nor that I was actually talking about Lou!
` I guess my voice was shaking so much that he couldn't understand me! So if Lou were really in danger, I could have screwed him right there!

` Well, it's time for me to leave for school! I think I'm going to tell this story to my art teacher, who by the way is giving me free oil painting lessons on Tuesday and Thursday! She is so awesome!

G-Man said...

Now this shit I can understand..
You so crazy Sara!!!

Anonymous said...
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