Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Day Life

` Hope you liked my madness and cola explosions. There's more on the way: I have a special post about scaring people in the corn field, but first, a couple of posts about normalcy in my life (which for some unlucky people, can be construed as weird).
` This one concerns the daylight hours, and it's basically some comments about all the Crappy Digital Photos (CDPs) I've been taking each day - and even ones I didn't.

` The first picture I have in this batch, shows my view from that one day I was stuck in traffic for half an hour. On the same block! If you look closely, you can see the football team undergoing dangeous training procedures!

` It is but one sign that the seasons are changing... another is that the protesters are now wearing coats!

` Besides a drop in temperature, the weather has actually been quite pleasant all month: When the sun is being blocked, overcast skies are almost never the reason. Usually, it's something really odd-looking, like this....

` Another sign of autumn, naturally, is that the leaves have continued committing suicide and jumping from the trees....

` You know, speaking of death, I typically see emergency vehicles while I'm on walks. Especially ambulances. In droves, sometimes....

` Once I even clicked the shutter button at a guy getting arrested, but the camera didn't take a picture because it was too bright. I hate it when that happens!!

` Oh, and I wanted to remind everyone that TallGuy has an important message for you all!!

` And he means it!!!

` Such are things you see when you're on your feet. In fact, one morning, I saw about ten dogs! I even ran into this one woman with a Pomeranian puppy, whom she says stays in her coat while she's fixing trains at work!

` I also saw these three Pit Bull Terriers! Aren't they sooo cute? They even liked me!!

` Arrrrrg! Then I ran into the notorious Mist of Downtown!

` Alarmingly, I discovered that Moonflower Magicks has melted! TallGuy has explained to me in his... unusual ways... that it may have been an astral war taken too far by a guy who calls himself Saturn.

` All of those bottles of essential oils must have gone BOOM! Luckily, nothing irreplacible was destroyed (such as the parrot), and in fact they're planning to have a Phoenix Sale!

` Something else I didn't expect to see that day was a swinging caterpillar, which I almost walked into! (It's to the left, above the airplane.)

` Silly insect larvae! Don't they know that's dangerous?

` And then - it must have been Saturday - I decided to document the contrast that happens when the sky is doing its weird 'I'll be sunny only for the people who aren't downtown' thing....

` And while I was pondering as to why downtown Everett is so undeserving of sunlight, TallGuy suddenly popped out of Vision Quest beside me. I was especially surprised because he didn't have as much hair as before!

` Both of us walked down to the bank - only to discover that it had just closed! Whoops. ...Alhough at least we got a good view of the sun through the Mist of Downtown!

` Isn't it crazy how dark it was?

` I shouldn't forget to mention that, now that we have all this lovely precipitation, the colors of sunsets are now visible through our eastern windows! Don't believe me? Observe!

` That must have been just before I went out to the Field of Screams. In the morning, however, I was surprised to see snow on Mount Pilchuck for once (between the trees)!

` But then I remembered how I'd just about frozen my hands off the night before, wearing heat-conducting chemical gloves for four hours!

` I did some laundry that day, and looking over to the north you can see that Baker's glacier is coming along quite nicely for this year!

` An even more shocking change was the time I was at a stoplight and - right before my eyes! - I watched a deli's soul be swallowed up by a Subway! It happened so fast, I almost didn't get the camera out in time!

` See? It had said 'Pacific Deli' when the Subway had suddenly engulfed the poor building! Isn't that just terrifying?

` Just yesterday, I was really feeling awful from working outside so late. Lucky me, my car's replacement emergency brake cables had come in and I drove down to get them replaced.
` Unluckily, on my walk back it was butt-ass cold! Whatever that means. Though I did get a nice view of the snowy peaks from the Municipal Campus!

` There are also a lot of tall buildings there. Which makes sense because you need lots of offices for a Municipal Campus.

` As I began to near home, I was so cold I could barely hold my head up, so I took it upon myself to search for leaf corpses and stomp on them. There were some awfully big ones!

` And then, to my surprise, McDonald's! It didn't stand a chance....

` On my way back to pick up my poor, ailing car, I happened to look over and see that a fish on the wall was trying to jump up and bite my hand!

` Damn wall-fish!

` Even weirder, as I was walking back over across the campus, I saw a guy dressed as Where's Waldo! However, I was by now feeling so awful and freezing that I was too miserable to whip out my camera, shout 'Hey Waldo, I found you! Now I get your soul!' and snap a picture.
` Yes, even though I immediately thought of it and had a twenty-second window! I just didn't want to! Can you believe that?

` Needless to say, I was feeling pretty sore and tired and generally down. Luckily, the good Doctor Demento had sent me a piece of fruitcake in the mail! You know... 'cause I'm a fruitcake!

` Once I ate it, I stopped feeling so sick. Now I just feel... funny. And that was such a horrible pun that I would like to not be held personally responsible for it! It was... the fruitcake! Yeah.

` And how do you like the weather today? I don't think I've ever seen it so wiggly!

` I suppose all the weirdness of my life which has been going on (you'll see!) must have finally broken the normalcy barrier and affected the weather!

` Yeah, because I just love making up superstitions!

` You may also be interested to know that last night, after the corn maze, Lou Ryan got to be a real-life Repo-Man! I think I forgot to mention that Danky - who ran from the construction job with $1,500 worth of tools, plus a borrowed $500 - also made off with a truck!
` The boss-man sent someone out to buy it back from him, but when he asked for the title, Danky totally freaked out - kind of like the time they were going to meet him at Home Depo and there were six cop cars there for some reason.
` Well, Lou got to drive the boss man and another co-worker to make off with the truck after midnight. I can just picture Danky running out of the trailer in the morning.... "What the...?" And he can't call the cops! Ha haaaa!


Dory said...

Hey, girl-friend,

Loved the pics. My fav is the ambulance with a tree growing out of its roof.

Great shade for patients being transported.




Galtron said...

Too bad you didn't get a picture of Waldo--but I thought the one of the Subway swallowing the deli more than made up for it. Amazing!!

Is that fruitcake really from Dr. Demento?

(And when are you going to put up another science post, anyway?)

S E E Quine said...

` I know people tend to like my photos for some reason, and so I have tended to reserve the few science posts I have time to write for my other blog.
` And yes... the fruitcake really was from Dr. Demento. Yay for me!!!

Denny said...

dammit im starving, i would even eat some fruitcake right now

S E E Quine said...

` That's nothing! One time I was so hungry I ate some Arby's!

human!!! said...


S E E Quine said...

` ;D

Anonymous said...
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