Thursday, October 26, 2006


` Just a quick heads-up before I go to poetry reading: There are two main almosts in my life at the moment. One is the fact that I cannot sing very well, and so cannot audition for such acting roles as Julie Cappuccino in a lovely musical called THUGS: A Musical Mafiasco. Doesn't this just sound too good?

The winner of the 2003 Hunt Playwrights Festival returns as a musical Mafia farce inspired by Goldoni's Servant of Two Masters. It’s 1929, and two thugs are banished form Chicago's gangland community and find work in the lazy town of Shady Groves, as body guards for a man and a woman, both disguised as the late Anthony Sartori. Added to this are two feuding crime lords, their lovesick children, and an effeminate hit man, resulting in a whirlwind of mistaken identity. This new musical comedy features such soon-to-be classic tunes as “A Most Sadistic Fellow,” “We Gotta Whack Him,” "Badda Boom, Badda Bing," and "Some Day (Like Bonnie and Clyde)." This is farcical look at organized crime is laughter you cannot refuse.
` What a wonderful idea for a play! C'est la vie!!

` The other 'almost' in my life is that - after realizing that I needed more than just a scanner driver - TallGuy came over and got my new scanner working almost satisfactorally by downloading fax and copy software - since free scanner software has proven elusive!
` While we can copy the scanned images to files, we are not yet sure how to save them as anything sharper than PDF documents, which are only 200 pixels (considerably more blurry than the actual scan quality). As a consequence, any photographs or drawings that I scan are extremely pixellated and any detail of a photograph smaller than a centimeter, lettering, pen strokes, etc. are completely distorted.
` In other news, TallGuy has two right hands!

` As you can see, this is the best I can do to make an image presentable - shrink it way down so it doesn't look pixellated. In reality, the scanner quality is acceptable for my purposes, so we shall continue to brainstorm on this.


Galtron said...

Hey, you're good enough to sing on your blog profile! Try out for the play anyway!

That's ridiculous! No software and no power converter! How much was this scanner, anyway? I just wish I had some scanning software to send to you! Ingenius work-around, though!

Anonymous said...
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