Saturday, August 26, 2006

The 'ness of Every Day

` Yet another excuse to skimp on the science/attempt to siphon off some more Crappy Digital Photos (CDPs) onto my readers....

` What is the 'ness of my Every Day, by which I mean to say 'Everydayness'? All I can say is; Contented Madness. Surprisingly low irritation.
` First off, by which I mean that I shall state firstly, that mornings are always the most peaceful. And why? Because nothing has happened yet! And on some rare occasions, as it's been summer for quite a while, the sky will start out with many clouds and later on, the sun will burn them to death. Poor clouds.
` Even so, there's usually enough room for the sun to shine through....

` The clouds are worse and worse the earlier on it is... at about six, it's occasionally been like this:

` After I had procured that photo, I had driven Lou to the ferry docks (as he lacked a vehicle for the moment) and while we were going along a road that overlooks Possession Sound, a very large, vermillion sun rose in the gap below the clouds!
` By the time we'd gotten to the dock, the sun was already climbing into the midst of their clouds, just before it destroyed them utterly.

` In yet another photo taken on another day (further toward the fall equinox), you can see the sunlight on the mist in the valley over which the trestle (a very long bridge made out of Route 2) runs:

` ...So, the mornings mostly involve me looking at the sunrise and being sleepy, even if I have things to do. Later on, however, things become quite crazy. That's why I sometimes have things to write about!
` But what stays relatively constant? What is ubiquitous in my life? Let me think... The pissing sound of the sprinklers across the street each night (without sprinklers, the grass dies)... going out on the roof to enjoy the summertime fireworks over the baseball stadium just before bed... the fireworks after a late game, which wake me up in the middle of the night... our doorknob, which has a tendency of coming off....

` Which is troubling, because you need to pull on it to get out of the apartment! ...Unless you jump from the roof, of course, but I don't want to try that.
` Yes, our apartment mansion is a little strange. In fact, there is even a Door to Nowhere!

` ...Okay, so there's a ladder. But hey, at least there's still a Staircase to Nowhere on the second floor outside our door!

` Well, okay, technically, it goes to the attic, in which homeless people and crack whores can sometimes be heard occupying above our ceiling during the winter months.
` Which reminds me; there have been crack whores and crackheads living here legally as well! In fact, when I saw a single shopping cart parked by the porch by one of them, it reminded me of Troglodyte the alcoholic (who drank himself out the door and had the crack whore girlfriend, Porky) who had eventually had rounded up eight or nine of them right below our window for some reason....

` Actually, some of the newer crackheads and crack whores - such as Seneca - have recently been kicked out. I'll sure miss all the garbage they left in the hallway and threw out their windows onto the path!
` Naturally, they were replaced by yet more crackheads one of which did some substantial damage to both of Lou's trucks: This one guy was chasing him out the door with a gun and he jumped in his giant truck and peeled out of the driveway (this is the same truck he once drove in front of his boat to prevent it from rolling into some nice Lexuses).
` Unfortunately, it's a gravel driveway and so the truck threw a bunch of rocks through the windows of both of Lou's trucks! (It's a good thing I was partaking of Zim DVDs with Dead Fetus Guy at the time!) Not only that, but one of the stones also hit the CD player in Lou's new white truck!
` Luckily, the guy came back and cleaned out the glass, as you can see here as Lou is doing some kind of business-type thingy while his borrowed work truck patiently waits:

` The irresponsibly-fleeing person later replaced the glass as well. But the CD player is still presumably broken.

` Ah, chaos and destruction! Which reminds me - criminals are kind of amusing. I'd forgotten to mention on this post that while we were waiting for my laundry to get done, some guy was arrested in the parking lot and was acting up in the back seat so badly that one of them drew his taser! He didn't use it, though. Eventually, they just wound up hog-tying the guy and shoving him back in the car.
` They're so cute when they're struggling.
` ...But that's still unusual. I'd forgotten I was supposed to be writing about usual things. Well, one thing is very usual around here:
` There is a regular occurrence which are the picketers who have been coming out to Colby and Hewett to protest Dubya's war (if you can call it that) for the past two years. This is the view from the side of Colby and Hewett that I live on....

` In case you can't tell, on my side of Hewett there are liberals protesting for peace. Lucky me!

` ...And on this side are the conservatives, among them being that one guy who liked my sundress as mentioned in this post.

` To escape them, I took off for the Co-Op, which began with myself heading off this way. I snapped this photo because there was an aircraft coming in for a landing....

` Returning with my string bags of groceries on my back, I decided to once again face the war advocates. The guy with the orange Rush Limbaugh shirt wanted me to e-mail this picture to Rush. Sorry, old boy....

` I don't know what is scarier - protesters or drug addicts who live in the same house as I do. But I do know what's even a bit scary: Bad drivers.
` Seriously, I think they are much more dangerous.
` Why, the last time we'd done laundry, Lou was waiting for this long line of cars to go by before making the big, scary left turn onto a four-lane street. He started out at a sharp angle, aiming for behind where the last car would be when he would have reached that lane. Instead, that car whose rear he was aiming for stopped right in front of him, so he was stuck, facing the wrong way!
` Meanwhile, more cars were coming right at us!! So, Lou took a sharp turn to the right, into the turning lane in front of the car that just wouldn't go and we were almost broadsided by a van which had been trying to go around the car that was blocking us!

` Eventually, we escaped, but it just goes to show you; it only takes one moron to set you up in a potentially dangerous situation.
` ...But hey, what's life without a bunch of morons to make things interesting? The important thing is that I have Lou, who is currently playing/singing What a Wonderful World but four feet away. I'd better go so that I can pay more attention.


Wed-nes-day said...

Here it is Sunday morning.

Nasty storm last night 'did in' all the digital clocks so I must make the rounds to correct the time.

Thank God ( me of course) that I wore my trusty Time-Ex with it's ever dependable light up dial.

Exceptional Post today. Maybe your Homeo-pathetic cure IS working.

I must get some reading done; am running behind. Or perhaps I'll pull weeds today. After the rain last eve, their roots will be weak and subject to my token pulls.


Galtron said...

Actually, I thought the post was rather lacking in what I think of Everyday-ness. For example, you don't even say anything about your daily routine, what you eat, etc. It's not so much about you but things that are around you.
...I'm not saying it's a bad post, I'm just saying that it's not what I had expected it to be.

I like the door to nowhere. Is that supposed to be a fire-escape or something? And why on earth was it hanging open like that?

S E E Quine said...

` Weds; Poor little clocks! That's why I'm glad I live up here, in The Land of No Thunderstorms. It's been sunny and dry almost every single day for weeks and weeks! (In fact, I was just trying to confirm this statement with hard data, but unfortunately, I find weather records utterly incomprehensible.)
` Unfortunately, I noticed that the wind was blowing an awful lot... I knew it couldn't last. Darn autumn, trying to sneak up on us!
` And I must say, I thought my post was particularly bad because I didn't spend much time on it.

` Galtron; Yes, I acknowledge that I'd forgoten about all that stuff in my haste.
` For the record, my daily routine is centered around staying healthy - though it only seems to work mentally and not physically. Well, I'll write about it in my next post.
` And as for the door, it may have led onto a porch at some point. It was open because that's a vacant room and there was a guy who was up there, painting and thus in need of ventilation.
` Would you believe that there are eleven individual apartments in this house, nothing shared between them?
` It's frickin' huge!

Anonymous said...
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