Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weird Al has befriended me!! (Also, my song lyrics!)

` ...Well, on MySpace, anyway. (I have a bunch more strange MySpace friends as well....) A month and a day ago, I left him a comment I thought you might think was kinda funny:

` Oh, hey, lookee, comments!! Well, just want to say that you've completely changed the way I do music....


` Even though I create piano monstrosities that everyone describes as Danny Elfman-esque, somehow, you've managed to twist my music into something that could only see the light of day on Dr. Demento.
` In other words... it's 'weird'. And 'goofy'. (And possibly 'mickey' and 'donald', too....)
` In any case, my songs aren't even that normal or, sometimes, coherent: I hate most of them and would like to launch them into the sun. Unfortunately, they just happen to be trapped in my head!

` In fact, I once was so burdened by these song lyrics dancing around in my skull that I had to take 15 whole minutes out of my busy day just to write them down... then I was compulsively driven to actually compose music and play the completed song... and then I posted it in my Blogger profile!
` It's really pathetic.... You'd hate this song. (Especially since it was recorded on my cell phone.) If anyone hears this, they'll laugh because it's so horrible. So don't listen to it!!! Stop before it's too late!!!

` In closing, I assure you: It's all your fault for my creations turning strange. Because I've obsessively listened to your music day after day, I can never go mainstream....

` ...So, can we jam sometime?

` Throwin' weirdness back at ya,

` Spoony 'The Writer' Quine

` P.S. I'M WATCHING YOU!!!! ...UHF is even better on DVD!
` Oh, and, say 'Hi' to Billy and Rob for me, will ya? I think they want to have intercourse (or at least beer and cheese) with me.

` ...This reminds me: I'm sure people have wondered about the words of the Profile Song ever since I originally pointed it out, and I was stupid not to have written down the lyrics, as nobody seems to have been able to tell that I was playing a piano, much less understand the words. Now that my computer (which has speakers) is up and running, I can understand why!
` And so, in rectification, this is what I had been singing:

Readers of my blog,
Thank you for viewing my profile!
I am very sorry I cannot sing at all.

Nevertheless I will try my best, here,
This is but one of my many interests.

So are making comic strips and drawing things
And critical analyses and writing books and
Editing home movies so they're not mind-numbing.

Meanwhile I'm pondering my next scheme,
Being a scientist is my dream.

Oh my gosh, did you hear that last part, yes it
Rhymed, which is impressive since I'm doing this
Timed, as in I'm only taking fifteen minutes!

What else can I say about myself,
I guess there's really nothing much to say,
Except that when I write my little songs
There is a small chance that I might be paid!
And still not even some of my friends know
That I can nearly play the piano,
And even though,
I love it so,
For now I really oughhta go!

` ...Or something like that. Hope I've straightened this all out for anyone who had ever wondered.


Galtron said...

I'm actually surprised at the lyrics, as I could never figure them out. Interesting.... Except, you know, it sounds like you're saying '...And even so, I love it though...' unless you have a lisp.
And as for your MySpace, I see that the Chocolate Lesbians apparently love you and have foreskins. Good for you!

cassie d said...

holy crap.

i love weird al

i saw him in college, and i think i was the oldest person at the concert who DIDN'T have any kids with them.

so, you're on myspace, eh? i'll have to check it out....

S E E Quine said...

` Galtron; maybe I was saying 'And even so...' Well, whatever. Lisp I do not.
` And yes, I am delighted by the Chocolate Lesbians' foreskinnedness. Well, if I'm ever in the UK sometime, I might be able to persuade them to... uh, never mind.

` Cassie; indeed, well the link to my pathetic MySpace profile is there for all to see.
` I actually don't do anything in MySpace, so I barely even check in on it because I don't want to turn into an addict: I used to be surrounded by MySpace freaks on all sides at caf├ęs and the library almost every day - they would be on there until the moment they were given the boot.

` ...Hey! Speaking of checking my MySpace, Weird Al is online right now - unlike the others. That is usually the case when I do happen to check in. Well, I guess he has a lot of messages to possibly go through, you know.
` As a side note, I have a total of exactly 100 profile views... yet I'm part of a friend network that is 105,315,024 strong ...thanks to good ol' Al!
` I want to jam with him so.

Galtron said...


..Maybe you will jam with Al someday. Both of you could come up with another profile song.

S E E Quine said...

` ...Now I have this vision of Al-flavored Jam. I wonder how it tastes?

Anonymous said...
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