Saturday, March 12, 2011

What else have I been hiding from y'all?

It's March 5, 2011 , and when I sat up in bed this morning, Rusty, who was stretched out with his tail towards me, flipped over just to lick my nose!
` I took a picture of that rascal today -- I tried to take one photo earlier, of birds bathing on the carport roof in the dazzlingly sparkling sunshine, but the battery wore out before the camera could process it, and my other batteries didn't work because the charger had been unplugged all this time!
` By the time my batteries were charged, it was already dark, so I took pictures of Rusty in one of his favorite spots -- between Lucas' feet!

mar 005 Rusty and Lucas' feet

So, what didn't I mention in my last post?
` For one thing, Lucas has had a few auditions -- one actually just after Christmas, which he didn't go to because it was just after Christmas and he forgot, another one which he forgot, another which everyone thought he would get the part because it was for the part of a guy who would get really freaked out by some windshield wipers, and he has this really cool eye trick that might have been useful, but he didn't get the part; and another thing where it was for the part of a guy who jumps off the building, and it was improv, but he was one of the only serious actors, the others were mostly horsing around -- he didn't get that one either.
` But of course, he did do the Team Awesome film, which you can't view anyway without a password.

Also, I didn't tell you that I missed Alex birthday party on February 12 -- Karaoke 'til 2 a.m.! How? Well, I don't like to leave the house after 9 because I need to get home at least by 10 so that I don't wind up staying up all night, which I have a tendency to do. But... here's a Facebook thread in which I confessed:

I don't know if I'll make it. I have to work Sunday morning. :(
February 11 at 11:08pm ·

    • Alexandra Lockhart Sorry :(
      February 11 at 11:44pm ·
    • Jacob Clark Nooooo! you don't need work! you need PARTY!!
      February 12 at 12:07am ·
    • Spoony Quine
      Sorry I missed it, guys! I don't know what happened, I'd been planning to get to the party all day! I finished some important business in the morning, went out with Lucas for the afternoon for lunch, then a walk on the beach in the cold and... rain. I tried to get a nap in because I was too tired to do my homework, but Lucas kept me awake for about two hours.
      I finally fell asleep at about four, fully intending to wake up and do my homework before the party, expecting Lucas to be using my computer for something important while I was asleep, as his computer is being rented for $1,000 a week for six weeks. (Ch-ching!)
      However, when I woke up, it was SEVEN already, and the first thing Lucas asked me was my password to get on my computer, so, he still NEEDED to get on my computer!
      He didn't get done until 7:45, so there was NO WAY I could have gone to the party. I wasn't done with my homework until about 9:20. Damn. At least I got some of my homework done....
Yes, so pathetic! I actually intended to go to her party until I realized that I couldn't, and all because of general stupidity! I really was genuinely upset, because usually I don't make so much of an effort to go somewhere as I did.
` What reminded me of this is that Lucas got his computer back the other day because the filmmaker who was using it has no further use for it -- the whole production of the film stopped! Darn. Well, at least we got Final Cut Pro and stuff out of it!

What else has been going on? Well, Andrew and I have been laughing about how Andrew, who is used to beer, had accidentally gotten really drunk on vodka, and how he kept putting empty plates in the microwave, which Troy was telling him, "No, that plate is empty, too!" LOLOLOLOL! He knows now that he's no longer used to liquor! Maybe that's a good thing?
` I myself have imbibed gin in order to sit still long enough to watch Dances With Wolves, which is almost 4 hours long! I don't know about anyone else, but I think that sitting still is so tiring!

The day before yesterday, Jen started karate, and she was pretty good for the first day. But then yesterday, we both got our gi (uniforms) -- she didn't have one of course, and I refused to wear mine because it was too big, so now I have one that fits better!
` After that was... THE YELLOW BELT TEST -- we had to do Fukyu kata dai ichi! Alex, Michael and I PASSED! WOOT!
` Lucas came up to us with the yellow belts stuffed in his gi and handed them out, pointing out that although we each made one mistake (he said, "Nice adding the kiai after the punch."). When he got to Troy, however, he had no belt -- Troy did try, but as he didn't start karate as early as we did, and he hasn't been to as many lessons because of things like work interfering, he didn't quite have the technique down enough. Next test he will get his yellow belt for sure!
` Then, we ate the Papa Murphy's pizzas and cake that Alex and Michael had brought over, along with sody pop!

She and Michael left, but forgot her camera... luckily she came back and got it... next day she had this picture of everyone kicking, which Jen took.
` Sorry, don't know if I should try to embed that one, but you can see it if you click on the link to Facebook -- it has comments you might enjoy!
` Jen also took this pretty, electric blue pic of everyone else doing rising blocks -- that is, Lucas, Alex, Troy, Me and Michael.
` Yes, I'm not wearing my gi top in this picture because my hand got caught in it and that scared me something horrible -- not something one wants to be surprised by when doing a kata. (Does that mean I'm topless?)

Also, yesterday, some appliance recyclers came and took away the old fridge that has been sitting by our carport since we moved into this house and discovered that we had no working fridge! Finally! It's been one hell of a paper weight!
` So, we did that, and last month Lucas and I hauled away the six broken TVs that had been surrounding the fridge, so there's a clear space by the gravel driveway. Also, of course, we made a new gravel driveway, and before that, Lucas fixed the front door so that the trim doesn't pop off the door frame every time someone opens it!
` W00t! Our house is slowly getting more presentable!

Some more pictures, because I have so many:

Rusty tries to get a good look at the scary neighbor kids!

mar 015 Rusty stands on hind legs for a closer look

I'm scairt, Mommy!

And here's the shakey moon, which I took while being yelled at. Sigh... I'm not lazy! I'm just trying to take a picture!

mar 025 The shakey moon

Oh well... I learned a lesson -- always make sure the bleach cap is screwed on properly after cleaning the bathroom, and always close the large cardboard box over the litter box after dumping out all the litter before you go taking pictures.

March 7, 2011:

A day of many photos:

Bye, Vada! I'm off to school!

mar 030 I'm off to school, Vada!

So tired after school! I need to not be sick anymore!

mar 031 Taking a look at the birdehs

On the way home from school...

mar 040 Everett and trains

Neighbor's dog, Tanner, staring at Vada through the kiwi vines. Amazingly, he's not barking!

mar 046 Proper view of dog (Tanner)

Vada in the yard... near a spot where X-roomie Mike's collies used to pee, which you can see!

mar 050 Vada in the yard

You can also see the spots where Other X-roomie Joel HIMSELF used to pee! GROSS!

mar 051 Spots where Joel used to pee

Rusty looking amazed at Vada as she jumps across the tree! (Hm, looks like there's some stray beer cans from the windstorm.)

mar 053 Vada leaps, Rusty looks

Rusty does a little tree-climbing himself:

mar 058 Rusty in the cedar tree

Rusty wants to play, but Vada feels more like kicking his ass!

mar 062 "Wanna play?" SWAT!

She tries to escape to the other side of the fence, but he knows exactly where she is -- he has Va-dar! Lolol!

mar 063 Rusty follows Vada even when out of view

He remains undaunted by her escape.

mar 064 Rusty is determined to impress Vada!

I FOUND ANOTHER HANDKERCHIEF THAT'S BEEN OUTSIDE FOR MONTHS! So now I have two. And it was under my feet the entire time -- that's good because the one I've been using is so beat-up now!

mar 065 Found my other hanky, literally under my feet!

Later on, BEST DINNER EVER, thanks to Lucas! Octopus and shrimp on rice, and yes, that's a blue potato!

mar 066 Lucas' gourmet cooking

I swear, that man spoils me -- and himself, too!

March 9, 2011:

Lucas, as usual, not only boiled some water for me, but he made me some yummy coffee-Ghiradelli hot chocolate! Why? because I'm sick. And because he normally jumps on me and boils water for me and stuff to help get me up, especially when I'm sick, and often now makes me hot chocolate coffee!
` He got me out of bed, then I went into the living room and collapsed on the couch. He put his blankie on me, but then took it off and pointed the heater at me when he gave me the coffee/chocolate. AWWWWW! SO SWEET!!! The coffee was sweet, too.

Driving home after Spanish class (no regular English classes this week!), there was a rainbow that appeared to be extending down into the water, and I had a perfect view of it from the park... too bad I hadn't taken my camera with me to school! ARRGH!
` Then I got home, and Rusty was going crazy for Vada, as he usually does. Yesterday, Vada spent half the time sleeping on top of the mattress and Rusty spent all of that time staring at her like a creepy stalker.
` Lucas wound up playing with him at some point and he wound up under the coffee table, whereupon Vada jumped down from the mattress and scared him so bad that the entire coffee table flew into the air and tipped over!
` Today, he was staring through the sliding glass door at Vada, who seemed to want him to follow her, so I went out with them... but then it started raining like crazy and they both hid under the beams of the deck!

mar 069 Rusty takes shelter under the deck

March 12, 2011:

Arrgh, I bin sick. I also bin studyin'. I also bin actin' like an idiot and not realizing it, which is kind of scary. I mean, it's one thing to do it on purpose, but another thing when you have to ASK why someone thinks so.

Ooh, flowers!

mar 072 Looks like an Ericaceae plant -- and birdhouses!

Enough of that -- today I'd like to talk about how big Rusty is. Well, he was less than 1 1/2 pounds when we got him in November, and now he's about 10 1/2 pounds, or however heavy Vada is. Of course he's still growing!
` This past couple of days, Lucas' friend Cagney came over and saw Rusty and asked, "Who's this?" Lucas told him it was Rusty and he was like, NO WAY! How did he get so big?
` Then, yesterday Lucas' friend Dan came over and said, "Who's this cat?" it didn't even occur to him that it was the little kitten he had seen a few months ago. Lucas said, "He's just a gigantic kitten!"

Not only is he a gigantic kitten, he's been utilizing his Va-dar. The other night he was following Vada around like the stalker he is:

mar 075 Rusty follows Vada through the bar stools

Followed her into my office:

mar 076 Can you hide me from this freak?

Stared at her a bunch:

mar 078 Rusty's gaze is glued to Vada

She couldn't take it, so she jumped out the window, into the rain:

mar 080 Bye, see you later!

Decided it was too wet:

mar 081 It's too wet out here! Coming back in!

Was depressed that she could not escape:

mar 085 I may have to go out on another mission!

Meanwhile, Rusty had some fun exercising his big boy teeth as I sat on my office floor doing various homework items.

mar 086 RAWR! I bite your homework!

The next day, that all changed when Troy demonstrated his NERF MACHINE GUN!

mar 087 Troy demonstrating his Nerf machine gun

So many darts to pounce on, so little time!

mar 089 Rusty has a Nerf bullet

All the better for Vada...

mar 092 Vada enjoying the book case refuge

Well, that's quite enough photos for this post! There are plenty more photos where those came from -- check out my March photo folder!


Daisy said...

Hi Sarah! I loved reading about and seeing the pictures of Rusty and Vada's adventures. "Vadar"--ha ha!!
I'm sorry to hear you've been sick and hope you are feeling better by now. Very sweet of Lucas to pamper you. I like that he does that for you. That's as it should be. I'm sure you do nice things for him as well. :-)

S E E Quine said...

Indeed, Lucas has caught the same disease from me and has gotten over it because he's given himself a lot of time to rest, and I do vaguely remember myself doing something or other to pamper him, though I'm not sure what.
` As for me, I basically wrote myself sick for English class and then failed again anyway. I mean, this blog post was nothing compared to what I've had to write in English class -- of course, this blog post was written in bits and pieces, not all at once.
` I've also been rejected from University of Washington, so I don't know what I'm going to do.

Daisy said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about the English class and even more so about the University not accepting you. Maybe you can retake the English and try again or maybe apply at another school? I hope it works out for you.

My son will finish his undergraduate degree this summer and is hoping to get into a school in Florida for graduate school, but I don't know what he will do if he doesn't get in there. He doesn't have a second school in mind and it's too late to apply somewhere else now for next year even if he did. He may have to try and find a job for a year and then try applying somewhere else if he doesn't get in.

I hope things will fall into place for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

S E E Quine said...

Thanks, Daisy.

Indeed, same here, the school has rejected me, I don't have another school in mind, and it's too late to apply for next year.
` I don't know when I'll be able to afford getting back to college, but I'll have to try.