Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photos and News, January and February 2011!

Wow, I've been both sick and busy for a while. What have I been keeping from y'all? Check it:

jan 018 A hard day's work!

January 4, 2011:

I forgot to mention yesterday that I started school again. It's going well so far. Making sure I don't get behind this time.
` I managed to make it into the line for the bookstore when the line went only down to the end of the hallway. A few minutes later, I found that the line was all the way down the other side of the hall, as it had been yesterday.
` I got what I needed for English class, and a drawing pencil and refill leads, which are rectangular in cross-section.

HOLY SHIT! SOME GUY WAS LOOKING FOR HIS COUSIN LOU RYAN AND FOUND LUCAS" WEBSITE -- Lou Ryan -- and called him. He talks all funny because he has a messed-up throat from cancer, including no saliva glands, and he made an artificial saliva pump to prevent his mouth from being like glue and metal shavings and OMG HE WANTS TO DO A COMMERCIAL!
` And later Lucas is going to do business with Nils Osmar.

January 5, 2011:

Lucas and I just heard word from the roomies that people have been coming by the house and taking pictures of it. One of them was asked, "What are you doing that for?" and his reply was, "This house is going up for auction pretty soon!"

Thank goodness Lucas' and my mom are into buying this house off of Roberta before it goes into foreclosure. The bank is trying to screw over Roberta, but we're preventing it as best as we can.

January 6, 2011:

OMG, the wood is here!

jan 024 The Wood's Here!!!

We had a race to stack it. There's Joel and Mike posing.

jan 026 No minor accomplishment

Later on; Andrew has been pacing around the house, and only seems capable of saying, "Sorry, my bad." No matter what you say to him. That's not good.

January 7, 2011:

The fifth thing that woke me up last night was the ambulance coming to take Andrew away. Medication problems? Andrew came up the stairs just as Lucas and I were telling Troy about it, he said that he kept forgetting who he was and didn't even know what hospital he was at, but he was well enough to go to court in the morning.

January 10, 2011:

Not much funny stuff has been going on, although the kitchen window was wide open last night, and two pages of Troy's cookbook were found torn out and on a plate that apparently had food on it at some point.
` Lucas, Troy, Joel and Mike discussed this and thought it was probably Andrew, using 'drunk logic', using them to soak up grease or something. He's probably just bingeing before he's going through the AA program. Poor Andrew....

jan 041 Rusty casually swings at Vada

January 11, 2010:

Something significant has happened, but I forget what it is. Let's see... Troy found his blanket in Mike's room... so he had to put it back in the wash. Hmmm... Oh yeah, it's been the entire theme of my day... being pushed around.
` So, this morning in English class, I put my bag under the chair I was going to sit at, and in which I had sat in a couple of days the previous week, where all the 'cool kids' are sitting, and I turned to talk to the previous instructor, and this other girl who got to the chair before me on Thursday and Friday was suddenly sitting at the chair.
` Everyone said, "Hey, she took your seat!" I said, "Yeah, I was going to sit there," and she said, "No, this is where I've been sitting."
` So, tomorrow, I'm going to be first in the door again and show that rude bitch what-for, and if she says anything, I'll tell her to fuck off.

Then, for the entire rest of the day, literally, I spent 8 hours trying to do my Spanish listening homework assignment, except Andrew was playing music in his room, directly downstairs, or there was a conversation going on upstairs, which I can hear very well.
` Normally, I just wear earplugs, but see, this was a listening assignment, and the noise was like trying to look at someone and have someone keep putting their hand in front of your eyes, no matter how you try to look around them.
` Amazingly, every time I had to pick up and move and sit down somewhere else, I'd get interrupted again, FOR EIGHT FUCKING HOURS!
` Near the end of it, sitting in the living room with the fridge unplugged because it is SO LOUD when it runs, I even yelled at Lucas for running the bathroom fan, which is also SO LOUD and annoying, just minutes after I told him I was going crazy because someone else had just done so, because he could have used the other bathroom. EIGHT HOURS!!!!

I didn't quite finish it all, either, it was mostly just eight hours of trying to defend myself. I should get paid for this! It was almost as insane as when I WAS wearing earplugs in the Su Chiang condemned house with literally constant 24/7 noise that you could not escape from unless you left the house! How did I even LIVE through that?

January 12, 2011:

Last night's snow melted just in time to get to class! I was going to show that girl what-for, wearing my tough-girl clothes and stompin' boots and badass coat, but she came in late, and besides, by then everyone had moved their chairs in a circle.

ALSO LUCAS IS A GENIUS! He amazed Team Awesome with his Eastwood-Carrey scale, and his ideas and his nunchuks and they want him to be their star for several gigs!

jan 044 Eastwood-Carrey Scale

Also, another discovery, when Lucas went to steam clean the carpet upstairs: Mike had neglected to pick up his dogs' poop EVEN BEFORE he went to steam clean the carpet. LOLOL! Lucas had to clean it out, of course.

January 15, 2011:

Yesterday, that girl got my seat, but today I DID! I got to sit with the cool kids, and they liked my crazy life story, as I have a cool way of telling it now. And they even liked my cool thing that I wrote in class, as part of a class debate with the teacher over something or other OMG I'M COOL NOW!!

Then, when I was playing outside with Vada and Rusty (pictures) I got dog poop on my shoe and didn't even notice, because of all the mud in the yard, until I got in the house! ARRRGH!! And then I left 15 minutes late for an appointment because it was so hard to wash out -- thanks, Lucas for scrubbing it out, and then chewing out Mike as I left late.

Also, Lucas got us a new piece of glass for the woodburning stove, one without a big hole in it!

jfeb 002 The new stove glass!

January 16, 2010:

Joel has really cool friend -- Anthony (68 consecutive employee of the month at Penguin Windows), Leo and Adam (from Israel!), who tell him where he is lacking in maturity.
` While I was making hot chocolate, I heard Lucas lecturing him about something and caught the words he said, something like "You're stretching out my butt-hole!" What has Joel done now? Not that he's a bad kid, but he's from the ghetto (says he used to share a meth-pipe with his parents) and he brings the ghetto with him.

Time for turning my brain off with the Sponge Bab and hot cocoa.

jfeb 005 Rusty climbing down

Rusty is both getting into climbing and growing in his big boy teefs!

jfeb 009 Yay for teething!

And playing with his 'big sister' outside!

jfeb 021 Rusty sneaks up on Vada

Not to mention, Troy's Nerf gun!

jfeb 035 Rusty is excited to see the Nerf gun

Mah Vada!

jfeb 046 Me scratchin' Vada's chin

Mah FenceCats!

jfeb 053 Rusty really looks up to Vada

Lucas had been killin' the apple tree:

jfeb 062 Lucas in the apple tree

Rusteh's hidin' in the laundreh!

jfeb 091 Rusty's ambush hideout

February 20,2011:

Wow, I really need to keep up with my journaling. My entire attention has been taken up by illness, school and other research which I haven't been writing about online.

I also have the flu right now, so I've spent the past few days debilitated. Let me get ya up to speed:

What has gone on between now and last time I wrote in here?

For one thing, Lucas' mom and my mom both got the house from the landlady! WOOT! It's practically ours now!

Then, I recall that at the beginning of February, I wanted to write: The driveway's here!

jfeb 115 That's a lotta gravel

We had to shovel it ourselves into place! It was me, Troy and Lucas for most of the time, but then Andrew and his friends pitched in for part of the time, too. It only took about half an hour. Now everyone has a place to park!

jfeb 120 Got the driveway all spread out

But then, Mike and Joel left so they wouldn't have to pay this month's rent. But before they did, Mike showed me this video of an exploding sea vagina, and I asked Captain Disillusion about it on Facebook and he showed me that it was part of a horror movie. The Good Doctor made mention of this in this post here:

Also, I pissed off some guy over some miscommunication at the gym over the TV. I was just trying to ask him why he was watching the TV in front of me and not the one in front of him, which was on the same channel and everything, and he said, "I don't know!" and started screaming at me.
` The next day, I came in and was told by one of the employees not to touch any of the TVs because there have been "too many complaints about me". Too many? You mean, just one? And so, I went upstairs and there were signs on TVs saying not to touch them!
` According to another employee, Greg, this guy is not only very explosive, but he knows both the owners, and now everyone's being punished because of that incident!

It's sad... almost as sad as my nose after being licked by Rusty!

jfeb 132 Owie, the spiky tongue!

What else weird has happened? Well, try picturing everyone in Spanish class singing "Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas, Pies" (Head, Shoulders Knees & Toes), and the Hokey Pokey in Spanish. Oh yeah. Mas rapido! Mas rapido!!
` The next week I had a scary presentation to do for English class, which I did in the teacher's office because I stuttered to the point of not being able to do it in class. Talk about stage fright!

Lucas and I also took a walk on the beach... during a storm! I think we're crazy.

jfeb 167 The wind is blowing so hard!

On our way back, soaking wet and freezing, we saw all the pigeons who had been displaced by the old Rosehill Community Center being torn down crowded on the archway! They apparently aren't able to roost on the new Community Center. Poor birdehs!

jfeb 171 The old archway and the new community center

Thankfully, the weather's cleared up and Rusty and I have gotten back to our outdoor adventures.

jfeb 190 Help me, Daddy!

Back to today:

Lucas spent all day yesterday shooting another Team Awesome film, where he's one of this angry mob who physically attack people for littering. Not only was he worn out from that, but he was also worn out from shivering in this 40 degree wind!
` He says the scene where he smashes the baby carriage to bits is priceless. Also, he said the police went to talk to them just before they went to throw this guy into Puget Sound (for 10 seconds).

Holy snap, I just erased that whole paragraph because my hand slipped. I have the flu, okay? I'm disorientated!

Anyway, the day before that, Troy's friend Jen moved into the room that Mike and his stinky dogs had vacated a couple weeks ago. Now Mike's room belongs to Jen, and Joel's room (Yes, it's The Love Shack) belongs to Rusty.

jfeb 193 O Hai, welcom to The Love Shack!

I'd better go, because I have more stuffs to catch up on!

February 27, 2011:

I've seen Lucas' most recent Team Awesome film, which unfortunately is not available for embedding on blogs. Just as well, it's not as good as the footage it's made out of.
` Also, for the past few days, it's been snowing a lot lately, but the sun keeps melting it. It's finally gone now, I think, which Rusty is happy about!

jfeb 203 Next day and Rusty's outside in the snow

Here's the rest of my January Photos 2011 and my February Photos 2011!


Daisy said...

Hurray, you're back! Loved the pictures of Rusty and Vada.

I'm so happy to hear the news about the house your moms are getting for you. That'll be great!

As far as you being one of the cool kids, I'm pretty sure you've ALWAYS been one of the cool kids.

Sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you're feeling better now. I'm also glad to hear you are sticking with going to class.

Spanish Hokey Pokey sounds kind of fun. :D

S E E Quine said...

Yay, I'm back! AGAIN! It seems I have to say that each time I blog... well, life is always hectic in a new way. Sure, I don't usually get waylaid as I had the time before, as I expect, but always something unexpected happens.

Glad you loved the pictures! There's a lot more where that came from!

Can't wait until our moms pay off the house! It'll be ours, so we'll be able to tear it down and build a better house -- cuz this one is OLD AND NOT VERY ERGONOMIC!

Oh yeahs, I love skool! Especially when we sing da silly songs:

Mete una mano
Saca una mano
Mete una mano y sacúdela
Baila el hokey pokey y
Dáte una vuelta
Y así se bailará

Oh yeeeeeh! I'll be transferrin' in no time! Have to come up with a thesis proposal by tonight, though. Hrm.

Thanks fer commentin'!

Monado said...

Wow, that's a long post! You do know you can break them up and give them different dates by editing the post options? Rusty has gotten really big! I think that picture of him in the laundry basket would make a good LOLcat.

Get better, keep well.