Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Production Photos from the 2010 award-winning 48 Hour film, Sex A-Peel

I have much more to blog about in my own life, but first... as if I haven't blabbed about this enough, I have photos from the making of Sex A-Peel, taken by Renee Scougale.
` Lucas told me to upload them on Flickr so now he can show all his friends and business associates, and that also means that you, too, can see a closeup of this:


Also, you can see him plowing over the shopping cart with the old lady stunt-double!

IMG_3380 Lucas goes flying!

And tossing the rich guy out of his Lamborghini!


Not to mention, fly through the air with an orange stuffed in his mouth!

IMG_2928 Jumping for special effects

Actually, he's pretending to materialize in front of this guy:


And for having such nice lens-boobies, he's gonna blow his brains out... wearing kneepads! You know, so he doesn't hurt himself.


That and more are all here in their own Flickr Photo Set! I hope I didn't, um, you know, infringe on any copyrights by doing this!


Daisy said...

Great pictures, Sarah! Looks like quite a production. Hope you and Lucas have a good 4th of July weekend! :-)

S E E Quine said...

It was quite a wild time... we got lost in the woods for six hours!