Friday, December 11, 2009

More police involvement -- all our nightmares are coming true!

Things have only gotten worse since my last update. It's escalated into a bizarre type of hostage situation.

December 8, 2009:

I just aced my Critical Thinking finals today, despite the fact that I've been worrying about Brad and Char stealing stuff while I'm gone.
` This morning I rescued Lucas' blender from the pile o'stuff that they had rounded up to take with them. It was the blender we bought and used to make smoothies, and I took pictures of our little cats sticking their heads in to lick the inside. It's cracked now, but it still works.
` I think Char's bitchy comment says it best: "I don't want it anyway because it's broken!"
` Uh, good?
` I think they also have Lucas' waffle iron, but who cares? As long as they're leaving! Yesterday, Brad was storming around the house, yelling, "Where's my damn bottle opener?" Then he knocked on my bedroom door, wondering if I had it.
` I presumed he meant the one Lucas bought when he inherited all that wine he couldn't sell. I gave that one to him just to shut him up.

I hope they don't take our can opener too! I'm leaving the one remaining spoon of mine in my room so it doesn't get taken. It escaped last time my silverware got stolen, but I'm not taking chances with it this time!
` We're also making double-sure no one takes anything, what with the new locks on our bedroom door, and my office door!

December 9, 2009:

Charolotte wrote Brad's initials on our radiator in red lip liner! What was she doing in our bedroom? Squeezing out the rest of my coveted VERY LAST BOTTLE of Step 1 of my TriClear acne treatment, apparently! I remember how I used to scream at people for using most of it up to wash their hands, and now all I have is a pile of containers of Step 2 and Step 3!

She's been hanging out in the kitchen doing weird stuff, like sitting on the counter and arranging the cans in the cupboard, just so she can pick fights with anyone who comes by.

Here's some of my favorite 'bitch comments' by Char:

Receiving a phone call from a bill collector or some such, who I could hear ask, "Can you use your credit card?" Char replied; "I don't use credit cards, 'cause they're a ripoff."

My cats were pushing a can around on the kitchen floor, and I said; "There's some real cuteness right there!"
` She said, "I don't like cats."
` Gee, I guess she never liked her own cat, Trouble, that she missed so much!

Knowing that Char is resentful towards other people for supposedly not cleaning, I mentioned, "I cleaned the kitchen floor."
` She said, "Oh, sweet! It's really shiny and everything! If you hadn't mentioned it I never would have noticed because the floor's been so dirty I haven't been able to look down at it!"

I'm serious. It may make a great comedy movie, but at the same time this isn't funny.

In better news, Brad's announced that he has a place to move into. We're all celebrating! At last we will all have peace! (Or at least Lucas, Johnny, Steve and I will, but we think Brad's pretty much screwed with pregnant bitch-girl.)

December 10, 2009:

Earlier today, Lucas had actually driven to Brad's workplace to give him a refund for rent and the receipt. Then, we moved all of his stuff down by the front sliding door so he wouldn't have to come up and carry it down himself, and so we wouldn't have to deal with him as long as we stay upstairs.
` I got some pictures of the chaos.

It's like nine in the evening and Brad's finally got a U-Haul to load up his stuff, as he said he would, but he's not loading up his stuff! Instead, he's physically threatening Lucas and trying to start a fight, hurling insults, and screaming at the rest of us, calling us losers!
` On top of that, you may recall that for some time, Brad has had these pet fish he's been 'the father' of, talking to them and playing with them and showing them off to other people! Just now he told Johnny to "drain the tank and throw the motherfucking fish in the garbage!"

Oh my god!! Does he know what he's saying? And he seemed to expect that Johnny would actually do it, too!

Lucas told me to stand here in the hallway, guarding the bedroom in case he tries to steal our bed. Johnny just passed by, went into my office, stepped over Violet and the pillow I was sitting on in my office and placed Lucas' MacPro by the far bookshelf. I got a photo of Violet being unfazed.
` I'm to call the police if Brad tries to steal anything. Now Lucas and Johnny are bringing more equipment into my office. Apparently, Brad wants his computer desk, which Lucas had all this stuff on. That's fine and all, because it was given to Brad and not Lucas, though I don't know why he'd want it; it's and enormous waste of space considering he has no use for it.

I cannot believe this is happening! Two weeks ago, Brad was thanking Lucas for all the things Lucas had done for him, e.g. helped get him a job, a car, a driver's license, helped him and Char get to the hospital, not to mention talking the cops out of arresting him for what Char did to him! Brad actually shook Lucas' hand and said, "You are the finest man I've ever met."
` And now he's screaming and ranting and swearing at Lucas and wants our bed! It's not even his to take! When Brad was getting all the furniture from that old lady, he got his own bed! As they were leaving, Lucas had asked her; "What's the story with that other bed?"
` The lady had said, "That's just my daughter's bed. She hardly ever sleeps on it, so I was going to sell it. Do you want it?"
` She gave the bed to Lucas, not Brad! Lucas was chipping in, he bought the U-Haul for bringing that furniture to our house at the time (the Crazy Landlady's Condemned House), he was given the bed, so it's his while all the other stuff was Brad's!
` But he still wants our bed! What for? Technically, he already has two! What could he possibly do with another bed?

OH MY GOD! BRAD'S CALLING THE COPS ON US! He's in the bathroom talking to them right now! He's saying we're KEEPING HIS BED! WHAT THE HELL?!?!

Lucas is now calling the cops back, I guess you could say. I locked my office door from the outside and now we're hiding in our bedroom.

Two officers were here pretty fast and questioned Lucas and Brad thoroughly. Apparently, Brad told them he thought we were trying to throw him out on the street. But he has a place to move into, doesn't he? That's what he told his roommates here!
` But he told the cops something else; that he has nowhere to go!
` Then what's the U-Haul for? Hauling furniture, right? He was taking his furniture to his new place in Marysville, right? If he doesn't have a use for the U-Haul truck, then why did he spend his own money renting it?

Lucas also explained about the bed. Officer Falso told us that Brad claimed the bed was his own, and that he had made sure Lucas understood he would have to give it back if Brad moved out.
` Brad made that up!
` Falso said that he basically saw how much of a maniac Brad was, but he couldn't help us in the way that a judge can. As the cops were on their way out, I heard Brad comment that Lucas was 'a fast talker'.
` A little while later, I heard Brad say, "I showed him!" Who does he think he's fooling? Char maybe? He also said he was taking the U-Haul back for a refund! (Fat chance.) Why did he have the U-Haul again?

Oh God! We've had to move all of Lucas' guitars and stuff into our bedroom because Brad said, "I'm gonna take something valuable of his," and was looking at Lucas' stuff downstairs!
` Ah! Feel the fear! I'm just going to be brave! I love being brave, not. I locked my camera in the other room, so no pictures of us all crammed in here with all the stuff and the cute Teddeh Bunnehs (cats) who are sleeping with their faces buried in their paws.

I hope Brad doesn't try to take them!

Well, that's how it sits right now. We're trapped in our bedroom guarding our stuff. I'll be back soon with more news, most likely bad news.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

OK, you got my attention & I read it all plus the previous post. Soooo, how do you get involved with such wacko people? Of course, I live with a crazy cat, but that's mu choice. Are your kitties OK?

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are OK. I had a similar situation when RJ left, so I know what you are going through. RR

J Morgetron said...

Hey Spoony. Sorry to hear you're going through such nonsense. I hate situations like this. I had two roommates once who thought I should pay their rent for them. I thought that was bad ... not so much compared to your current situation. If you need to chat email moi! Lovey!

S E E Quine said...

Hey everyone, thanks for bein' here fer me! Glad to see you, or whatever! If only I haven't been occupied so much since I've gotten the internet, I would be all over the place! I thought I'd have time since finals are over, but it's been busy with this business! I had to spend all morning on 'guard duty', and most of my evening driving Steve and Johnny around.
` Brad's still not out, but luckily we have reinforcements pending! On Monday, to be exact.

To answer your question, Nick, that's kind of an interesting story when I think about it. Short story long: Lucas met Brad when they were neighbors in that crackhouse we used to live in before moving into the Crazy Landlady Condemned house.
` They met just before I moved in with Lucas, from the Closet Apartment. Eventually, Lucas, Brad, me, and three drug addicts wound up living in the same 250-sq ft (23-sq m) apartment, which we didn't fit in, so we were desperate to move into the Condemned House.
` We shed the three drug addicts (Director Nate, the Olsen Twins' cousin Robin Olsen and his psychotic, emotionally unstable girlfriend who accused me of being attracted to Robin, get a life bitch! and then stole my silverware and stuff!), so we moved in some more roommates.
` Among those roommates were Johnny and John R. After a while, Johnny acquired a girlfriend, Char, who's had a serious brain injury, like Brad.
` Char turned out to be a psycho bitch, alienated Johnny and attracted Brad, who became her next boyfriend.
` Finally, the Crazy Landlady house was officially condemned, despite our best efforts to make it up to code, so we were evicted and wound up here, just in time.
` We wouldn't have been able to rent this place out if it weren't for John R being the only one with a job at the time. Unfortunately, when we were moving, he wasn't moving his own stuff out so the others worked on moving John R's stuff out of the house and discovered both his addiction to methamphetamines and his affinity with collecting bottles of his own urine.
` That wasn't cool. We tried to get him to either quit or move out, but he did neither. Instead, John used what is called "meth logic".
` He tried to draw attention away from himself by splashing his urine collection all over the upstairs and downstairs carpets just before the landlord came over.
` Since Lucas and Brad had been away for ten days during this time, they didn't know what happened and Brad screamemd at me quite a bit because supposedly only my cats could have done such a thing. (I don't see how that would even be possible!) But then days later Brad discovered John's parting pee bottle and apologized to me.
` Then we had another roommate that really did a lot to piss Brad and Lucas off, so Brad has been very angry during a lot of that time. But now, we have a more stable roommate, Char is pregnant and went off her meds for a while and has been by for the most obnoxious roommate I've ever had, so much that she actually called the cops on Brad because she couldn't have her way or something.

So that's the story of Brad and Char and a few of the other psychos who have driven us insane. Brad is especially insane because he can't protect himself from Char's insanity.
` Like I've always said, my life should be made into a soap opera.

RR, do you think I should carry a baseball bat?

People who thought Morgy should pay their rent? What kind of sillies were these?

Anyway, we're all okay for now, Violet and Vada are spending lots of time in the bedroom with us, and the rest of us are regrouping.
` Well, I gotta go -- I'm heading back out with Steve to get some Chinese takeout. Bye-o!

Monado said...

I think you're doing all the right things, protecting your stuff and standing guard until Brad & Char clear out. If any of Brad's stuff is still there, can you just put it out on the front lawn? And get a locksmith over to re-key the locks... or if you have someone on guard at home, take the locks out (a simple screwdriver job) and get them re-keyed. The locksmith changes the pins around, so the old keys won't open it, and gives you new keys. It's cheaper than buying new locks.

Good luck! Maybe you should ask prospective roomies for references from their last place.

angel said...

Thats seriously screwed up girl.

Daisy said...

Aw, Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear all that you have been through and all this mess that you are having to deal with. No one should have to put up with that. I hope Brad and Char get out of your lives soon. The sooner the better it sounds to me like.

Congratulations to you on doing so well on your Critical thinking exams! I hope you keep at it. It will be worth it to keep up with your classes. I don't know how you are managing with everything else that is going on there. I'm in your corner and rooting for you though. Sending you good thoughts and a big cyber hug and saying a prayer for you too. Wish there was some way I could make things better for you.

S E E Quine said...

Indeed, Monado! It was only just recently that we discovered Char used to beat up her own mom!
` Luckily for our doorknobs, Steve can get us some discarded ones from his workplace. It'll be nice to have a front door that opens from the inside!
` This reminds me of something that happened in Columbus, Ohio almost ten years ago, right after someone had kicked out their college roommate for being disruptive and for his half-assed dish-washing and other even worse disgusting habits.
` We were all sitting around in the living room talking about the guy WHEN HE WALKED IN THE ROOM with a retort, apparently having been listening from the kitchen for the past five minutes! We immediately went to Meijer and bought a new lock. Ha!

What's weird, Angel, is that my life is like this all the time! Whenever I seem to be getting a break, something else messed up happens!

Thanks, Daisy! Your blogs are always so full of fun stuff, and mine, when I actually write about it, is full of insane stuff.
` And I don't know how I did so well in my classes, either. I even completely forgot my note sheet for the Critical Thinking two-part exam! "But at least I have my term paper, and even saved my blender!" as I said to my instructor, thereby confusing him.
` Come Monday, Brad and Char are gonna have a 3-day eviction notice on their door. More than likely, the rest of us will be celebrating on Thursday!