Friday, May 01, 2009

The day before the Screw Crazy Landlady Barbecue...

I would do my homework right now, the kind I have to do on the internet, and my roommates are not being quiet. What's worse, when I told them to be quiet, B-Gangsta told me I have AALLLL weekend.

I don't, and even if I did, that wouldn't be enough to get me out of the hole. I think it's important to do my homework as soon as possible so I don't have to worry. Instead, I am stopped from being able to do that and the only homework time I am granted is BEFORE class each day, so I'm busy until I have to leave.

I CANNOT afford to wait or procrastinate. But it seems that nobody cares.

In all honesty, I haven't been able to complete a single assignment since Thursday morning before class. It's always before class. I always have some assignment or another gnawing at me because there's no PLACE to do it, though I have plenty of time.
` I feel like I'm in danger all the time because there is no quiet in this house, even though I wear 33DB earplugs ALL DAY (except for at school). I need quiet, because I'm ADD, and Ritalin only makes me focus on distractions when I'm freaking out and usually I am because we won't have a place to stay if we get booted out.

Stress combined with ADHD is just not something a sane person can handle.

Then again, a lot of that is Crazy Landlady not giving her huge house any soundproofing, so when one person listens to music/talks loudly in one room, it can be heard loud in clear in most of the other rooms. Lou Ryan says this is the least-soundproofed house he's ever been in.

Anyway, about how I DON'T have all weekend ... there's that BARBECUE tomorrow! How am I supposed to get anything done with LOTS of people here? Then I'll only have Saturday morning and Sunday, and there's no guarantee of any quiet time around here in ANY of that time, ANYWAY! Most likely I will once again fail to do my homework and have to try to finish it in the morning before class LIKE USUAL.

Also, I've had such problems that I've decided to fail math. I know, it's really easy, but when people are making tons of noise and I'm in here following their conversations THROUGH STRONG EARPLUGS, and all kinds of bad things are happening to me, there is NO WAY that I can even do it.
` All I am capable of is worrying about whether or not I'll get math time, because it's on the internet and I can't take it anywhere, and then I just don't get any time, so why not just give up? The stress and noise is making it impossible to do my other homework, and not doing homework in turn makes it impossible for me to have a time where I DON'T have to do homework.

Of course, I realize I won't get any more Financial Aid, but if they really cared about that, they would shut the fuck up.

P.S. I just went out there and told them that if I fail I'll lose my Financial Aid, and Charolotte and Lou Ryan were already in the process of shooing them downstairs anyway. Ha! Now that's different!

P.P.S. Why won't the font change? I hate this font! Ah! There we go, just a simple layout change... now it will ALWAYS be Georgia font!

P.P.S. I just got into my homework and it started up again.


Mona Albano said...

Is there any chance of doing your internet work at the university library, other campus connection point, or city library?

Too bad you can't give them a list of chores/errands to get ready for the BBQ.

Good luck!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Do the best you can, kid. And, if all else fails, you can always turn the alien cats loose on 'em. OK?

S E E Quine said...

There isn't much chance doing math on the internet anywhere else besides the math classroom or here, because it's not possible to install the ALEKS program on public computers. I tried.

Anyway, I went out there to yell at 'em again and they actually thought that, because I told one of them that I was taking a bathroom break and would be back, that I had instead gone to bed.
` And then I was kept up until 3 in the morning by the roommate downstairs watching a movie. And I was still wearing my earplugs.

Indeed, Nick, the cats are quite nice that way. The only thing is, they keep being silly and playing with people I tell them to attack!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

At least your cats don't run and hide from the folks the way brave Alex does.

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

I dunt runz & hidez fromz eber hoomin bean, jist dem nassy kidz dat wantz to treatz me likez I iz a dolly!

S E E Quine said...

Lol, Alex! Mine do too!