Saturday, April 25, 2009

We're having a "Screw the Crazy Landlady" Barbecue!

Seriously. In recent days, the city inspectors came over to our house - okay, well, it's the landlady's, and she still doesn't want us to finish remodeling it and just let the wires hang out of the walls, flooring to remain undone, etc. In fact, she has been trying to evict us, except she can't because it's legally classified as an act of retaliation.
` Anyway, the city inspectors were very amazed with the lack of care she has for our house, took lots of notes and photographs, and now there's a paper on our door that says UNSAFE STRUCTURE!

Finally, another victory for the Lou Ryan team! Also, today Lou Ryan himself is off playing Pinhead Simon in Crypticon Idol, and hopefully that'll be on YouTube soon.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Victory of the landlady, I celebrate.

But doesn't that notice on the door mean you need another place to dwell?

S E E Quine said...

Ohhh, details, details! You know, she has a nice big house down the street with an even better view than ours.
` Since she's supposed to provide us with a place to stay, it would be awesome if we could switch houses with her so that she'd fix it right away!
` Even so, she'll have to find us somewhere to live. Also, I think we're getting our deposit back, so we'll be able to move in somewhere else.
` The poor cats, though! What if we can't let them outside where we move to?

Mona Albano said...

That's what I was wondering.

The cats might have to make do with Lots of Walks or a screened window.

Why do you always get the crazy owners or are they all crazy?

A friend was renting a house and she started deducting $25 off the rent each month because the oven didn't work and the landlady didn't want to repair it. The landlady came over and chopped an 8-foot section out of the house electricity feed, then claimed my friend had done it, and when my friend gave notice to move out the landlady (and helpers) came over and ripped off the house porch so they had to lift everything down four feet. At the court case the landlady's suit was thrown out and the judge hinted that maybe my friend should sue _her_.

S E E Quine said...

Lots of Walks. That would be a neato album title.

I am starting to wonder if they are all just crazy. One Asian woman, not familiar with U.S. laws, was actually trapped in her house by her landlady, who told her that she couldn't come out unless she signed a contract.
` Good lord! What is wrong with people? Su is kind of the same way: She tells other people that we are terrible tenants who have damaged her house.
` The electrical is not up to code, and in fact the neighbors just had a case of Smouldering Wall tonight because they have the same landlady.
` I hope that doesn't happen to us!