Monday, August 18, 2008

Sneak Peeks 10 - Bein' a hawt waitress....

In the morning, when I get up for work, I get this: "Hi, Mommy!"

When I come home, the cats get this; "Hi babies!"

Violet says; "Mommy, you really must try the closet rod. It is deee-licious!"

Later on, when B-Dizzle returns from work Vada says; "Mommy, you must really try the Chef today! I think he's a little undercooked, though."

Have I ever told you my thighs are a Vada tent?

These are, in fact, the very thighs which help me get my hands on all this loot....

Now... to find the time to vacuum and comb the carpet....


Galtron said...

Brilliant photos, hot waitress! I never knew your thighs were a tent!

Cara said...

Fantastic post. It made me laugh a few times.

However, I must say:

Your cat was looking pretty ferocious in that first pic. And then biting B-Dizzle!!

What are you feeding them?

Lets change the Pheobe (from Friends) song into:

"Angry cat, angry cat, what are they feeding you?

Angry cat, angry cat, it's not your fault"




Daisy said...

Wow, your cats know how to use a camera? That's amazing! :D

And have sharp teeth! Ouch! 8-O

I love the Good morning yawn, photo, by the way. Thanks for the smiles today.

S E E Quine said...

Aarg! Catching up with comments still...

Yes, Galtron, you would never know by looking at me, but my thighs... they are a good tent for a cat!

Oh, and Cara, I feed them Wellness cat food and... human blood! I've actually changed their names to Killer and Bloodfang!

Thank you, Daisy! They are indeed talented and ferocious felines!