Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sneak Peeks 11 - Found the perfect house... except not!

Please to be admiring my pimples while I wait for the owner of the house... who turned out to be late because he was drunk. (The first time he was a no-show.)

Ah, and now we're touring the house. It's exactly what we need - three stories, six bedrooms, two bathrooms, and look at this kitchen!

How do you like the basement? Bad ass! And it has a room perfect for a recording studio!

Plus, it's in the perfect location - in town near where we need to go, yet sheltered from the roar of downtown traffic.

Okay, that's the house we wanted. We were moving in. So, Director Nate came to live up here with us in our 200 sq foot apartment (that's the equivalent of ten by twenty feet - or about three by six meters), and got him a job out here in preparation to move in.

After all, we had it, even if we didn't put the security deposit down right away! The owner even said that no one had been looking at it for months and that he'd let us know if anyone else showed any interest.
` A week later, we called him to make an appointment to have Nate and B-Dizzle add their signatures onto the application and to put down our security deposit.
` He immediately hung up. Lou Ryan called back and the phone just rang. No answer.

The next day, we managed to get a hold of the realtor, who told us that at the time we we had taken the tour (and photos) someone had already gotten the house and were already living there by now!
` So there we were - all four of us - being screwed in a totally new way! (In the ear, maybe?) We were all very angry about this, so we made sure she knew about his drinking problem.

Even with the help of several realtors as well as our keen eyes for spotting signs in various front yards, we have yet to find another place that we can actually use, much less one that is ideal.


Ghost Dansing said...

that's a very large house..... almost a hotel. sorry you didn't get it.

Daisy said...

Three stories, six bedrooms? That's huge! I'm sorry things didn't work out, but keep looking. Something new is bound to come on the market. It's a shame the realtor was such a screw-up.

Galtron said...

Holy scheisse! So that's the first one you looked at, right? Have you confirmed any of those other ones yet?

Mona Albano said...

Wow, I wonder if he forgot that he'd rented it. Or maybe you were the "insurance" tenants. Or he wanted your deposit. Be thankful you didn't lose your deposit!

Good luck- and tell everyone you're looking, maybe someone at a bus stop knows of a good place.

S E E Quine said...

Sorry I haven't updated y'all about this - we're currently applying to another place. It's actually nicer, but it's far away, it's more expensive, we're going to continue paying rent on the craphole we still live in for use as a music studio, and we will all have a long commute to work and school, so I'm kind of ambivalent about the whole thing.