Sunday, September 02, 2007

Regrouping my BlogForces - Plus, Everett War Protestors!

` 'Kay, here's the freakin' deal - since my brain has recharged and become ready for blogging, I've been Completely Busy and Running Errands All Day. (Half of them are for superhero Lou Ryan while he's out saving the world.) So, I'm barely able to pop in a put up new posts on any of my blogs.

` Here's the plan: Several blog updates will appear on all my blogs next week, and since I have a huge backlog of photos, I'm planning to post mostly those here. ...Like this picture I took the other day from my window. Since this is a PlaneTown, I thought to myself, 'is that...?'

` No. It is not. See, when I was downtown the other day, I got a good look at one of these, and it had the Dreamliner logo on it so I thought it must be a test flight for some crazy double-decker 787.
` Upon seeing another one on the ground, however, I noticed that the logo actually says 'Dreamlifter'. Apparently, that's a freight plane that transports the various components of the Dreamliner. So it's not even put together yet.
` I only mention this because a) it's news, and b), the whole 787 project (back when it was still called the 7E7) is the reason I originally drove out here!

` In a way.

` Anywho, since the YMCA is closed for eight days, I've been walking a bunch through Everett - new slogan; "Shoes Are Easy Enough To Find". Or is that just Everott?

` Why do three pairs of shoes and a chain grace one section of electrical wires? I got the reason from the source; every time this one kid gets a new pair of shoes, he throws the old ones up there.
` The red ones are next!
` Generally, I've been avoiding outdoor activities during midday because the August sun is bright enough to baconify my skin. So, on Friday I was rather pleased to see clouds for once.

` After one of my many Lou Ryan errands, I stopped to check out the Pro-War protesters (far side) bashing the Anti-War protesters.

` As I mentioned in my last post, the Pro-War protesters were shouting last week; "Cheerleaders! You court jesters!"
` Suuuure, anti-war people are cheerleaders... because they don't cheer Bush Jr. on. And, rather than make themselves look like Bush's idiots, they try to give this country a decent name - that's why they're court jesters.
` I started talking to the lady with the 'Endless this War' sign, and she was telling me about our country's debt and the ridiculous amounts of money nevertheless being spent on killing people (some of it having to come from other countries) and yet how America probably won't be able to support the disabled war survivors it generates.
` She also told me about how Bush puts disclaimers on laws saying that he doesn't have to abide by them. That makes sense because Bush treats war like a game and thinks that he can do whatever he wants to people for his own ends - send off a bunch of kids to get killed and their arms and legs blown off and brain damage, and blow up a bunch of people - and he's still above the law.
` What's more, she said that some people still don't understand that Al Qaida has nothing to do with Iraq, and that it was a total bait-and-switch that Bush uses as an excuse to get people to support the war (which he started by insisting that there were weapons of mass destruction, even when no evidence was turned up).
` Lou tells me that sixty percent of Americans have been tricked in this way. If this is true, I suppose the only thing that can save us is the next election and some good, old-fashioned liberalism to even things up - though I suppose that could make things worse. Okay, a moderate then?
` This woman also said that the Bush-supporters are not able to engage in logical reasoning, but they are good at being obnoxious and yelling across the street at them. (I recommend reading my article 'Who's Afraid of Carl Sagan' which partly explains how people get like this.)

` This is one reason I don't have a TV - I am never inundated by updates on our 'War on Ter'r' or speeches by some retard who gave himself extra brain-damage. If anyone kills thousands of people for his own selfish reasons, they're a terrorist as far as I'm concerned. Therefore, Bush is a terrorist.
` But how do his supporters look at it? Well, at one point this young guy stuck his head out of the passenger seat of a station wagon and yelled; "You terrorists! Get out of this country! You don't belong here! Terrorists!"
` Who? Little 'ol them?

` It's rather sickening what these people go through each week - since October 2002, just before the 'War On Ter'r' started!

` Anyway, I've been trying to put this post (and others) up Friday and Saturday both, and wasn't granted enough time. I was going to do it last night, but B-Dizzle returned, refreshingly 'normal' again and thinking about working at the fair.
` Of course we had to hang out with him, so we went to Cherry Blossom Sushi Bar&Grill, which is where he used to work when it was a place called Bogie's. He really liked the sushi (including the flying fish eggs with raw quail egg on top) and was amazed at how different the place was.
` Oddly, we somehow wound up with some extra sushi that none of us ordered... and we ate it anyway!
` Then, since the people he was staying with the night before were not home, he spent the night on our floor with some camping gear. Now that Lou's taken him home, I had some quiet time to put this up - minus the duration of my mom calling me. Well, I've been so busy I haven't called her in two weeks!
` Finally, I'm putting this post up! Not much of a post, I know. NEXT time, I promise, there will be more translations of the Cattain's Log. These guys aren't getting any smaller!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That was a rather long and involved post, kid! Especially for one who’d been out running Lou’s errands all day.

As an old, left-wing, liberal, pinko, folk-singing ,tree-hugging peacenik, I appreciate the photos and your comments of the peace (better term than ant-war, I think) protests.

May the remainder of your weekend be great fun!

Kingcover said...

LOL isn't "Pro-War protesters" a bit of a contradiction in terms? Think about it ;-)

Did Lou appreciate you running around for him whilst taking pictures and managing to stop to talk to people? That's multitasking right there! :D

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks, Nick! I guess I had a lot on my mind the other day.
` By the way, I just got home from camping - the kittens are having fun with my backpack just now!

` I fully realize, Gareth, that 'Pro-War protesters' certainly sounds contradictory - I just thought that it was a bit easier to say than 'Anti-Anti War Protester Protesters'.
` At least that seems to be what they are....
` And for the record, I was done with my last errand that morning when I took those pictures, so mnyeh! Or plebbbt! One of the two.

Kingcover said...

Hehehe I'll take "mnyeh" and raise you another "plebbbt" :-P

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day with Lou, or have you gagged him to give you some peace and quiet lol.

S E E Quine said...

` Well, we spent Labor Day morning eating, packing up camp, hiking down the mountain and then eating again.
` The rest of the day was spent doing important household chores like unpacking (with help from the kittens), washing the dishes/camping smell off and watching Aliens.
` Then, I slapped another blog post on while Lou was busy doing something. Ha ha!

Charles said...

I'm glad to see that you're not aligned with the folks under the mistaken assumption that this war is something that we should be spending time, money and lives on.

I've seen so much mud thrown about Clinton not having done anything, and yet I read today that summer of 1998, the Clinton administration made an "immoral decision" to launch "unprovoked attacks on Afghanistan and the Sudan". Hmmm. I wonder what that might have been about? That was in Orson Scott Card's "Shadow of the Hegemon", page 445. I also wonder if he still feels it was unprovoked?

If I remember correctly, back during the Vietnam conflict, the terms used were Hawk and Dove.

i am said...

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Galtron said...

What a coinkidink! I was also camping on Labor Day..... and the next day and the next--in celebration of my new job!!
There was lotsa pictures-- please tell me you brought your camera on your trip! I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;)

P.S. ... personally I prefer 'anti anti war protester protesters'!

Anonymous said...
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