Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Crazy Cross-Dresser

` No matter what, don't call out 'nice dress' to this guy:

` That's what one of my downstairs neighbors did last spring.
` At first, I thought his shouted threats were from some everyday random low-life, but when I looked out the window, I saw that he was a) wearing a lovely leather dress and b) yelling things like; "You want some milk from my titty?" and "You want to see my pussy?"
` With that, the guy actually exposed himself and said; "You know, you'd better watch what you say or you'll end up getting shot!"

` How about a round of applause for the ghetto of Everott?

` This has been a 'Photo Backlog Relief' post! ...Next up, my camping trip from a couple weeks ago!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

From this distance, he's kinda cute. However, I would not want to get any closer to her.

I think your camping photos will be more interesting than this pic of this dude/dudette.

At the moment Alex is leading in the poll to become a feline blogger. If you would do an Alex drawing, it would be great. You may want to check out his album on Flickr *(ccessible from my blog) for an, uh, interesting Alex pose. Let me know how much you charge for the drawing, OK?

Kingcover said...

I dread to think where he would conceal the gun! :-P

Dan said...

I can't wrap my head around this one. Is that really a guy in a dress or a woman? Or something else? LOL!

Galtron said...

At least we know this; it's someone who can walk in Callypso heels!

S E E Quine said...

` Har! Is that what they're called? I am sure, however, that it was a guy because... well, I saw this for a fact! (As I had mentioned.)

` And Nick, I think you deserve an answer by now. (FYI; I haven't been on my computer much at all the past few days - in fact, I'm still not at the moment as I am at Cheshire Human's house.)
` I can soytenly draw a pic of Alex for his blog. (For the record, I was also thinking of doing another of Gareth that is drastically different from the one he has because I have a Vision that involves green things.)
` Cheshire has just thrown a home-made bracelet of crocheted circles on my head. It is my new hat. Like it?
` Anyway... that is EVERYTHING that's on my mind.
` ...Except for the fact that I will probably get to work on the camping post tomorrow because rain is preventing us from doing the movie shoot (with me running around in high heels, a miniskirt, a cape and a retarded hat as previously mentioned on this blog).
` Okay, I think that's everything. Ciao! We're going on a walk in the dark now! Bye!

Blackpetunia said...

He has remarkably nice legs in those shoes.
What if your father was a cross dresser?

S E E Quine said...

` I think that guy looks pretty good dressed like that. I think my dad would not.
` If he ever did, it would certainly make him look funnier than he already looked... especially when he went on a tirade cross-dresser slandering! (Well, he was the ultimate hypocrite, anyway, come to think of it.)

MONA said...

seems like he has a craving for attention...

S E E Quine said...

` Yes... and then a craving for yelling at people when he gets attention!
` Guys - they can be so contrary!

angel said...

sheeeez... he slash she lives near you?

Anonymous said...
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