Friday, August 10, 2007

A break in the lunacy...

` bring you more lunacy!

` But first; have you yet seen the strange alien space crew who are stranded in my abode? Definitely worth checking out for all those who like a good laugh!

` Secondly, I must depressingly announce that World-Renowned Superhero Lou Ryan's new job as field manager of Encore (selling Verizon products) has not paid off yet, despite the fact that he's earned fifteen hundred bucks so far.
` How does that make sense?
` Because Encore had the audacity to change their phone number right when he was about to cash his first paycheck! So, their old number was disconnected and the check-cashing place couldn't cash it. It's been three weeks since then and they still haven't connected their new lines, ergo he is still moneyless!
` Two questions:

` #1; how are people supposed to call them?

` #2; why don't they care about my sweet little Lou Ryan, if he's one of their best new employees EVER?

` Of no advantage to him, he has no bank account - ironically, he was intending to spend some of that money to open a new one (because the overdrafts in his former account have multiplied dizzily over the years). I don't think that's very fair - the money he once owed the bank has grandkids by now!

` Aaaannnnd the bottom line is... I'm a sad Panda. (Sorry... is that a faux pas now?)

` Well, I am. Despite the fact that I have aliens. One of them is shrinking however. I will have more about that in my next post.

` And now, spam!

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` I think that was the best spam I've had in a while. Congratulations to whatever computer program hashed that together!


Dean Moyer said...

Hi S E E,

You've been busy since I last stopped by. Four blogs... I can't keep up with two.

Love the new Kitties... er, I mean aliens.

Galtron said...

Those rat bastards!! Well I don't think they can get away with witholding money from Lou for much longer, if that helps any.

Your alien is shrinking? That doesn't sound good. Let me guess; the Liutenent has Mobius strip worms, which explains her strong nip habit?

Crabby said...

A shrinking alien? Did you get him wet?

J Morgetron said...

Are you serving crackers with that spam?

Anonymous said...
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