Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lou Ryan is killed again and again!

` Death apparently has not fazed the great Lou Ryan. Perhaps it is because he's a superhero?

` ...Yeah, what am I talking about, anyway? Only the full version of Retribution, a John Woo fan film by Mark Hemingway!
` As I cannot upload it onto my blog, you can view it here, on the Retribution website. ...Unfortunately, there is no 'pause' button - it just plays as it loads - and I have only seen it twice without it stopping and then jumping ten seconds ahead. Good luck!
` If you are fortunate enough to watch it without considerable skipping, you will be able to see Lou's first character, Faceless Henchman With Hat, getting killed right at the beginning! Then, a little later, you'll see Jittery Henchman, who is scared out of his wits!
` Oh no, Jittery Henchman! Can you load your gun in time?

` In real life, of course, Lou Ryan is nothing like that. In fact, Lou says, sometimes he even looks like Bruce Willis with hair!

` ...And, he can fly!

` ...Or is it called 'falling with style?'

` Fall or no fall, he's good at springing up to grapple with...

` Wait a second... is that... it is! It's cute 'n' fuzzy director Nathan Lee (a.k.a. the Rat from The Rat)! If you've missed it before, please do check out this post to see the amazingly awesome (non-skipping) trailer from the film!

` And now for more photos of Nate flying through the air, this time with deadly weapons!

` Simply a-dork-able!

` This has an amazing resemblance to anime, doesn't it?

` No matter what he looks like, I'd hate to be whoever he's shooting at... he probably would hit them in the wrong place, like the crotch or somethin'.

` Lou, however, did not go for any photography sessions of that caliber of dorkiness. Mainly, he kept his feet on the ground and hung out. Here he is with one of the main guys and the bald dude whose fighting I thought was kinda cheesy.

` One thing I can say, at least Lou didn't bring any cheese to the table!

` Watch out for this guy!


Galtron said...

Congrats on the new project! Lou's lookin' badass!

Was that Nate guy in the film also? I didn't see him.

S E E Quine said...

` Nate wasn't in the film, but I think, if you look at the credits, he's Production Assistant or something.
` Another thing I noticed in the credits is that Lou's real name 'Lucas' is spelled 'Lucus'.
` I should have told him his 'a's look like 'u's!

Crabby said...

This is not the Lou I kidnapped. Curse my addled aging brain!

Galtron said...

I just realized, upon viewing this film again, that Lou is a very bad shot when it comes to taking out cops. I mean, he had two chances and he totally spazzed out!

Charles said...

Maybe I'm just spoiled from the Florida sunshine, but argh, those complexions.

Kingcover said...

I really believe I can pinpoint why exactly Lou seemingly comes back to life every time. HE SHOULD START USING REAL BULLETS!!! If he came back to life after that I would be most impressed ....... and very scared too!!!

MONA said...

Yikes! so many guns and yet so pale looking!!! does not gel somehow...get some tan man!

S E E Quine said...

` Does sunburn count?

Lou Ryan said...

And behold, a pale rider... and death rode with him.

Anonymous said...
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