Monday, May 07, 2007

Blast! Me photos shrunk!

` I know I've neglected my blog (even though I have gotten some material ready, it is waiting on one more post), so I've decided on a spur-of-the-moment idea:
` My superhero pie, Lou Ryan, has been using the FabCam as a Crappy Digital Camera (CDC) for his new home inspection business and, little did I know when I took a few pictures today, he had left the camera on CDC setting! (Traumatizing, I know.)
` Surprisingly, though the 'CDC' setting is 1.7 megapixels, the pictures are not nearly as crappy as my old CDC's 2.0 megapixels! Apparently, that's because 2 megapixels from a FabCam is just Fab - a crappy camera is all-around suck (as the kids say).
` Anyway, here's a picture of Lou's Velcro-topped computer, which as you can see, the printer affixes to! There is also more Velcro on top of the printer (obscured by my hand) which the computer's keyboard sticks onto!
` See? It goes with him to work in one laundry-basket-friendly bundle, along with his stapler! Yes, Lou is most technologically advanced for a home inspector - his slogan is 'Say [X]No! To Checkbox reports! Say "Yes" to Buyer's 1st!'
` It is... utterly... a Ghetto Laptop!

` What does he use it for? To to print out easy-to-read, comprehensive reports with no annoying checkboxes! It's his gimmick, and a good one, too!
` However, it is understandable; it is his only computer and - efficiencies aside - his poor PC can have no other function because it malfunctions too much to use as a music workstation (it's a Dell...) and as for the DVD drive Lou got, he threw away the DVD-playing program so he can't watch movies on it as he had also intended, as my Gateway one won't work. (Even more boneheadedly he threw away his OS disc, so he's absolutely screwed if his computer should crash! Needless to say, he is not a 'computer person'.)
` Ironically, when Lou makes enough money to buy a nice laptop, he's going to use that as a music workstation and keep using the PC for his mobile unit... because it's a Dell and doesn't work right!

` Semi-incoherent, computer-related rantings aside, I must also declare that, because of Lou's massive amount of help a few days ago, I have at long last managed to wash the entire Perpetual Mound of Dishes, so now the counter is actually clean and clear enough to prepare meals on! (Phew, that was a long sentence!) Behold!

` Gee, do you think I made enough rice and beans? It wasn't half-bad, either! Our bellies full, we strolled over to the Big Flat Field. Along the way I managed to get a pretty nice picture of some blackish-purple tulips. (That's the tulips' person's car pulling up....)

` After tossing the Frisbee around for a while (ours, though, not the disc I was surprised to get in the mail today from Galen as part of my payment for this), we sat down, stretched, and I took a picture of the reflection in Lou's sunglasses.

` If only it was that cool on the other side of the sunglasses. Then, I threw the Frisbee and hurled myself off after it. For a CDC I think it displays my muscular buttocks clearly enough, does it not?

` I hope I are wearing attractive-enough shorts, yes?

` As for The Moment, Lou is excitedly chattering on the phone with Nate, the director of the film called The Rat (who is also playing The Rat Himself!) about his upcoming fight choreography where he (as Orrin) goes up against The Rat, and then the deadly fight between Ghost and Moseley.
` I'm also going to be an extra, as long as I can find sufficient goth getup.... Yeeeha!


Galtron said...

Lou got a part in a movie finally? Where?

You have a fine, muscular butt also. It would look good in goth pantseses! Good luck!

S E E Quine said...

` Thank you! I think I have some goth pantses, so hopefully I'll be able to show my fine muscular butt off.
` The movie is in Portland, by the way, and Lou gets a lot of lines, as he is some sort of evil archvillain!

Anonymous said...

A classic Miss Quine post.

Some food, a throwable disc, and sexy safari shorts. All the essential elements.

Thanks. :)

Galtron said...

Lou gets to be the evil archvillain!? NO WAY!!!!! I'm sure you'll tell us when the movie comes out -- I'll be looking out for your muscular goth butt!

Crabby said...

Well, I'll be damned. I've never seen a computer like that.

And thanks a lot. Now I'm hungry again. At least you didn't post chocolate.

I working on a U-Tube move now called , "Fat Girl's Ass". My own personal ass is the star and will be rapping. She's very talented.

S E E Quine said...

` Ahhhh, Winters. I likee you.

` Galtron: The film will be out this summer. Lou's acting was sooo cool - and so was Dead Fetus Guy's!!
` Nympho was also there and wearing a gas mask but she wasn't in my field of vision so I didn't know how she looked.
` Not to toot my own horn but I must say that I was also terribly cool, tough-looking, and sexually molesting a gun in the movie... and falling asleep standing up in the middle of takes.
` ...And then I had to drive about three hours, which was when the Ritalin wore off. Gee, I gotta remember to snort me some Ritalin to keep me from falling asleep during shooting!

` So, Crabby, your ass is rapping? I'm there!

Anonymous said...
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