Monday, November 20, 2006

They stole it all! (Well, all that really counted...)

` Today, I got an opportunity to check out the storage room. Not only was my X-box gone, but so was my luggage (which I planned to use January), plus a Super Nintendo guide from when I was eleven. (Why?)
` Don't think I'm so surprised, though! In a previous post I did a bit over a month ago, I mentioned my suspicions, and this was my reasoning:

` a) My crap, including the X-Box with Dr. Muto and Halo was being stored in the basement.
` b) B-Dizzle just got an X-Box with Dr. Muto and Halo from one of the meth-head's friends for $20. (He says if it's mine, he'll give me another $20.)
` c) A month ago, someone broke into the basement, presumably to steal things, smashing one window clean out.
` Apparently, there have been people down there a lot and practically everyone's stuff is gone.