Friday, November 24, 2006

Catching up on more photos...

` So, what else was going on earlier this month? Well, let's look at my Crappy Digital Photos (CDPs).... The next time we went to Denny's I remember X-Dan and TallGuy were employing their menus as Bobert Vision Shields....

` Then, at Zippy's the next night, we did this fun thing where one person tells a poem and the next person makes something up based on that. It doesn't even have to be good! It was soooo fun! Even X-Dan couldn't help but mention how much it rocked his socks!
` Cheshire and Hot Bisexual Guy were not terribly interested in participating. Here's Hot Bi Guy trying to persuade her to join in.

` What's really amusing is that Phil used to hate it when I would say 'Chickens and Duckies and Bunnies and Fish' (which I now use as a euphemism for 'et cetera'). Well, I used that in one of my poems, and as a result, I got the temporary poetry host saying it too. This is actually a picture taken while she was saying it!!

` As I recall, the exact line was; "Chickens and duckies and bunnies and fish, oh my!" It was a little strange.
` And of course, Zippy was there. Standing as still as a statue - except his tail. Gee, I wonder what could cause him to act like that?

` Apparently, that was his way of cornering TallGuy, and he demanded. "Give me your foodstuffs, human!" (At least I think that's what he said... maybe it was "Grf!" but I don't recall.)

` Then, we went on to Castle Night Club, where Rusty Waters was singing this song about washing one's coochie. Yes, because it makes perfect sense for a gay man to be concerned about that kind of thing.

` He/she went around with a bag full of feminine hygeine products and handed them out to random women/drag queens.

` Lookee! I got some FDS spray!! (Later, I traded it in for some autographed Ivory soap....)

` Then, it was Virgin Time!! Here are two virgins, one licking the cream off the Blow Job, one throwing his head back, and for some reason they were competing with one of the queens. (Take a guess which blur is which?)

` Also, apparently that night, Rusty turned blue. I forget what kind of blue had been afflicted with, though. I remember The Masturbation Blues a long time ago, but I forget which one this was....

` Then, on a completely different evening, I went to the Everett Station. Lookit how pretty!

` On the floor is a map of Possession Sound, complete with squarey docks and brass ships.... I was actually there with TallGuy. Then, when we got on the bus, there was a crazy guy who was talking to another guy with a laptop!

` When we got out, everything was shiny and pretty and we had a good view of the Safeco Tower. You can tell that's the Safeco Tower because it has the word SAFECO in huge letters across the top.

` That's not a very good picture, so here's one by David Hogan. Nice lightning! Well, it wasn't lightning-ing that night (nor does it often at all!) but the sky was pissing on us something annoyingful.

` Anyway, we went over to greet the building and on the way we walked over I-5.... How we managed to stay up in the air, I'm not sure, but I got a great view of the traffic.

` Eventually we wound up at a coffee shop called Wannabee's. It was so gorgeous! And, in case you would scoff that a coffee shop could be gorgeous, see for yourself! This is a typical table, full of pretty, shiny patterns and depressions apparently made for filling with washers.

` Over to the right was what I called the 'old museum' room, complete with tons of Oriental lanterns, paintings and display cases of shells, where a sweet little Rasta Dog was pretending to be a dust mop.

` A lot of guitar music was emanating from the other end of the place, the library-y room, which was stuffed with books and strange people including Nova, who was armed with some very large and treacherous-looking needles!

` !!! Wait a second! Isn't that the crazy guy from the bus (next to her)??!?!!? No, I don't think so.
` I got a seat at a table that had what appeared to be bones of large animals made of glass poking out of it. Not a very easy table to put your sketchbook on, let me tell you. There was much guitarwork and I even traded the owner a look at my sketchbook for some chai! It was so cool....
` As we were leaving, TallGuy and I became drenched and freezing as we headed down to the bus stop. As we had fifteen minutes left, we went to this other coffee shop and I bought us a Raspberry Truffle coffee to keep us warm.
` However, what with all the rain, it quickly became lukewarm and so did I. And it didn't help that I stepped in this ginormous puddle:

` It was so huge it was impossible not to step in, I tell ya! Luckily, after huddling in the bus stop for long enough, TallGuy and I eventually made it safely onto the next bus.
` To our dismay, we found that we could not sharpen our claws on the bus seats due to the fact that they were ScotchGardedTM! Noooooo!

` Well, I think that's enough quasi-weirdness for now. (I don't really have the energy to make this post any weirder right now, despite the fact that I'm drinking tea.) And as for my recent incompetence at checking my Yahoo account, I've missed my chance to check out such interesting-sounding Nature News articles as these:

Injured robots learn to limp
16 November 2006

Stem cells treat wasted muscles
Dogs with muscular dystrophy walk better after injections.
15 November 2006

Was life on Earth inevitable?
Life may be the ultimate in planetary stress relief, a new theory claims.
14 November 2006
` And speaking of email, I've also gotten this one, to my great puzzlement:
Hi Keith,

We are in receipt of your casting announcement. I would like to edit your announcement by removing, "are expanding our talent pool and". That does not conform with our "specific project" requirement.

Is that OK with you?


` Lucas dared me to write back; "Sounds good, though I think it would be better if you simply replaced 'are expanding our talent pool' with 'are expanding our gene pool' instead of removing it altogether," but I chickened out. And that reminds me; I keep almost-signing up for auditions of shows that are going to be playing during my vacation time in January, then realizing that it is futile!
` Arrrrgh! And that also reminds me, this has got to be one of the weirdest casting calls I've ever gotten:
MICROSOFT-Windows Vista
Corporate Video-Type 2 + internet Aftra actors, please, unless core
` Though it does pay a tremendous amount (like, 800 dollars or so), I can't audition because I'm white and therefore don't fit the typecast.
` Oh well, gotta go. I'm about to use the computer to watch a movie. Because that's how exciting my life really is.


Galtron said...

If only you were a Microsoft Vista, you'd bee a shoo-in at the audition!

I think Rusty's face is hilarious in that one pic, BTW!

S E E Quine said...

` 1; Just let me spend some time with a Microsoft Vista, and I'll be mimicking it so well people will be throwing things at me!

` 2; Glad I was quick with that one.

mizzbeehive1963 said...

That was a fun night at Zippys. Although, I wish I had been with you at Castle Nightclub, that looks like it was lots of fun. I was trying to figure out why I didn't go with you that week, and have come to the conclusion that it was probably money related. Anyways, I miss you!!! I'll see you at Zippys tomorrow night, and maybe we'll go to Castle afterwards.

S E E Quine said...

` Yes, indeed! I shall try to hold myself together enough tonight to go Castling with you!

mizzbeehive1963 said...

I missed you!!!!!!!!!!!

S E E Quine said...

` I missed you too! Gawd! Well at least this morning I was able to get up nice 'n' late, so perhaps I won't be too tired to coerce you into a random evening activity.

Anonymous said...
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