Monday, October 02, 2006

What REALLY happened Thursday

` Not this, that's for sure. First thing I did was round up Cheshire Human (Book Listener) and X-Dan. I tell ya, when you bring these two cats together, they always get into a slap-fight! Unfortunately, X-Dan has a decided advantage with his force field....

` At least it cleaned her sinuses out.
` After that, we went over to Zippy's, where we ran into Cute Bisexual Guy. Unfortunately, that day they were doing a tandem poem, and they were passing it around the room just as I had left for the bathroom. He didn't try to tell them to wait!
` Also, he drank more of the tea that X-Dan and I had paid for than we ourselves had a chance to! Cheshire made sure he paid the price.

` Actually, they're apparently good friends now because they have very similar personalities. It was too bad Cute Bi Guy had to go work at Wal*Mart or whatever hell-hole he works in, because he missed going to the Castle where I did this:

` Well, at least TallGuy was there to take pictures. It wasn't long before the Dolly Parton impersonator, Rusty Waters took the stage:

` Rusty really likes cocktails while she performing, by the way. Drinks 'em down in but a few seconds. Here she is about to grab one:

` Pretty soon, they were introducing a new drag queen, who was singing 'Everybody's Girl', from that one musical, I think it may have been Steel Pier. It's about a girl who wants nothing more than to be a slut.

` After much lip-syncing and dancing, Rusty and I dragged Cheshire up on stage to lose her Castle Virginity with me.

` Even though I had a stuffed-up nose, I still managed to dive right into my Blow Job like a retard before Cheshire was even able to manage her hair enough to bend over....

` I also had super powers to help me. Unfortunately, my lack of air passage through my nose caused me to suck the blow job right into my mouth! (Rusty said; "You're not supposed to swallow it whole!")
` You're also not supposed to touch the glass, but I did momentariliy because I had to break the seal with my mouth in order to extract it.

` I was almost suffocated by a Blow Job! Fancy that! And then, it was back to it....

` Cheshire looks just a little flustered. Unsurprisingly I emerged from the whole affair the winner and earned the Rusty Pat-On-The-BackTM while poor Cheshire continued to be mortified.

` What a crazy night! And as for Friday.... Well, I was suffering quite badly from the cold, though I managed to buy some new household items... well, here's the main highlight.

` And yes, I am responsible for this man being a basket case.


Galtron said...

You like humiliating yourself, don't you?

Ex-Dan said...

Like, emma gawd!!! Thats the gayest picture ever!!! Well, at least the one of me and Elizabeth.

S E E Quine said...

` Actually, I find that humiliation is one of the better parts of life!

` And X-Dan... I knew you'd like it! I even added sparklies going into her nose! (Actually, that was Lou's idea....)

ilove2 said...


Aaron said...

Wow Spoony. You have so much incriminating photographic evidence on the blog post.... I'm just going to have to give you a citation for being wacky.

S E E Quine said...

` Thank you, A-Ron!

Anonymous said...
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