Sunday, October 22, 2006

Surprise! Old Sketches of a Not-My-Family Reunion

` Because I have yet been too lazy (actually, busy!) to post my promised madness, I have since realized that I've also been even lazier for not posting the rest of my old sketchbook posts, which I had started doing almost a year ago, and have only recently been getting back to....
` And so, what do I even recall of the time when I'd drawn this installment? Well, I was eighteen at the time, living in Ohio, starting to get interested in drawing cartoon characters, and really liking the design of Kamek the Magikoopa one day because I had most likely decided to dust off the old Super Nintendo and play some Yoshi's Island.

` This may be confusing from the date, but the dog's head was actually drawn in the August beforehand - I had decided to fill the rest of the page with Kamek in February. (Ha! I bet you weren't expecting that! Exciting plot twists abound! So, blah!)
` Indeed, in August I was most interested in drawing Hooch, who was - at the time - a recent addition to Phil's family... does anyone even remember Phil anymore? He was a Rhodesian Ridgeback (Hooch, not Phil!) and as such I dutifully tried to capture his ridgidiness:

` And, of course, I couldn't possibly miss the characteristic webbidity and longness of his ridgeback toes....

` ...Nor the cuteness of him licking his shoulder! And this was all just before I went along with Hooch's owners to the Scherly family reunion - which happened to be theirs rather than mine, as I had none to go to!
` It was held at a pavillion somewhere between two cornfields, I think, which were apparently filled with evil bunnies, and Gourdy the Yurk, which apparently enjoyed mocking them in Tiny Tim fashion.

` While I was mooching off all the free food, I met this guy named Brad who was a caracature artist. (I apparently drew him 'very lifelike' because he may have said he was 'stuffed'. Or maybe because it wasn't a caracature of him?) We talked a bunch and then Phil joined in, and as I recall I couldn't get a word in after that, so due to boredness I drew a picture of his hand.

` He also drew a picture of my hand, but since I didn't like it well enough, I evidently had cropped it out of the next page.
` Sad to say, though I was being sociable, I was also cowering down a lot among all these people - a sad tragedy for an extrovert like me. I just kept sitting there and crouching against the table, etc, and apparently wound up giving Phil a headache:

` ...Actually, I think that must have been a joke. He was awfully tired....

` Of course, it was very difficult to draw him at the time, because we were in the car and the bumps in the road kept jarring my pencil each second or so....

` Seriously, though, the boy had fallen asleep! I think it was because he'd been sleep-deprived....

` When he had woken up, apparently, he tried to teach me algebra - something that an eighteen-year-old me had yet to be taught, sad to say!

` Well, I didn't get it then, though I at least understand the concept now. All I need to memorize now is the formula for getting the answer and I'm set!
` Anywho, those are my lame old sketches for today! Don't you feel special now? I'd better go, anyway - I think I need to go do some chores.

` Attention: The rest of my pencil sketches continue on this blog, along with much else!


Galtron said...

Not bad for drawing in a moving vehicle!

Now I have that song stuck in my head - 'Tiptoe, through the Tulips, by the garden, that's where I"ll be, just tiptoe, though the tulips with meeee!!'

Anonymous said...
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