Sunday, September 17, 2006

Violence Against Dexter!! A little.

` Yes, I'm still at it. You haven't seen the last of my sketches from when I was... how old was I? Eighteen? Last we left off I was...

` It was ugly and scary. I don't know what I was thinking. Well, in order to combat my Dexteriousness, I began to make an army. Partly, just creatures from Dexter's Lab, but still....

` As Cap'n Namby-Pamby suggests, they are his best minions.
` Ever.
` Most of my army of creatures had nothing to do with Dexter, though many did. Most of them took up large chunks of pages, or even entire overspreads.
` However, most of them are also too hideous for mortal men to lay eyes upon.
` Nevertheless, I have a few non-Dexter drawings for your enjoyment.
` Now, as for those inspired by things I saw on Dexter's Laboratory.... Who can forget Monkey, from the backup segment The Justice Friends. Major Glory, Val Hallen and the Infraggable Krunk were the main characters, to be sure, and Monkey was... a monkey.
` With super powers.

` ...I thought it was a little bit strange that he had a relationship with Agent Honeydew. 'Cause she was a human. (Also Dexter has turned into a hobbit, apparently, and is on a dating show....)

` You may be amused to know, if you were not aware, that monkey's archnemesis was named 'Quackor'.

` Quackor was very ridiculous. More ridiculous than whatever in the hell Dexter is doing at the bottom there in his Star Trek getup.
` I came up with a dragon character, myself.... He was basically very good at flying around and making a pest out of himself.

` In fact, one time, he tried to eat Dexter for impersonating him.

` I was tempted to make a fourth drawing where Dexter's mom says; "You're not wearing any skin!" But the thought was too gory. And not cute. At all.
` Unbeknownst to Monkey and Quackor, however, the dragon had an alter ego called 'Drakor'. He's not on the good side or the bad side; he's on the supply side.

` And that is true evil, my friends! Well, Dexter's robot or mech or whatever that thing is was no good at retaliating against Drakor. It just kinda stood there...

` And then, some drawings from the future intruded and a small blank space was populated by tiny sketches of Gourdy the Pencil-Drawn YurkTM.

` Never mind what the project was all about. Yooou saaaw nothing!
` A little later on we come to an elephant bird or something and Dexter's new look - which earned him confusion with Action Hank. Beardiness is next to Manliness, I guess....

` Last but not least, this is Charlie. He's a Chupacrabra. Apparently, the whole Chupacabra thing can be explained by Dexter's great need to terrorize his sister.

` Unfortunately, it was no match for... the... real? Chupacrabra? Well, whatever.... I'm sure there's some reasonable explanation for this.

` ...Maybe its name is ChupaKubrick? I like that name.
` Well, it's time for me to go night-night. I'd better go to bed. Byeeeee.


Galtron said...

Creepy and wonderful, as always!

,,,Hey, so, like, do Monkey and Honeydew commit bestiality?

cassie d said...

I like how the Chupacabra and an Alien are FINALLY portrayed together!

It's been a terrible conspiracy that these two haven't been connected before.

LOVE your sketches!

S E E Quine said...

` I didn't draw no stinkin' aliens, but thanks.
` Indeed, I used to watch all kindsa alien shows and there were people sayin' that Chupacrabras were alien pets that escaped in Central America.
` Whatever....
` I really like some of the Central America alien and chupacabra hoax photos and stuff. Some of them are really clever, though some of them are clearly pictures of sculptures, people in costumes or even dogs!

` And Galtron... there's no way to know except to perhaps ask Tartakovsky.
` ...And I ain't doin' it!

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