Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just so you know, I'm trying to draw you into my mind.

` At least it's usually entertaining in there.

` I still have not written any new science postage as of late, though I do have plenty of drafts in case of desparation. Excuses, though. I have those as well. For example, yesterday I was completely busy doing Important Things That Needed To Be Done, and then Lou came home and we did some karate!
` Just after the last drill, I kissed Lou goodbye, hopped in my car and drove to.... Denny's!

` Big surprise.

` Jesus, Dead Fetus Guy, Aunt Girl, and Nympho were all there. A bunch of others, including Stockings, were just leaving when I left.
` Not looking forward to receipts for writing on, I took my Human Flesh Bound Gilded Notebook with me to record some of the strange things that went on. And so, HFBGN, what did I write in you?

` Dead Fetus Guy was saying; "Plasma tastes really weird - like a high-class women's restroom."
` Aunt Girl looked at him strangely and asked; "Not a men's restroom?"
` "Well, no," he said, "I don't eat men's restrooms."
` "So, you eat women's restrooms?"

` Then I got wet while talking about his job as a leather apprentice. Icy, too.

` They had to quit their Magic game due to getting-up-earlyness, [I'm pretty sure that in this particular case, it's not spelled 'earliness'] so we left Denny's and decided that Nympho's car stinks of normal!
` Since I'm in the middle of the backseat, it automatically makes me sandwich meat! Yay! When Dead Fetus got into the car next to me, he said; "Pardon... that end of me." I like that sentence. Then, as we were pulling onto Interstate 5, the traffic was completely backed up due to construction. Grah!
` So it took a really long time to get to the exit near where my apartment is - "Warp I-5!" Jesus declared. Yes!!

` I frankly never take the interstate just to get back home, so I was in constant wonderment why we didn't just cross Broadway and go to Rucker. Either way, we wound up getting to Aunt Girl's boyfriend's house to wake him up, goddammit, because he wasn't answering his phone and they really needed to get to work earlier-than-usual in the morning!
` So, after a while of sitting and noisily blinking and making jungle noises, Dead Fetus Guy and Aunt Girl came back just as Jesus was determining that he was a 'Lesbian+' because of his extra helping. Thus, he was priveleged to say; "Yay! I made [Dead Fetus Guy] retreat!"
` Aunt Girl, her boyfriend and Dead Fetus had decided to walk to her house, and so they set off in that direction. Jesus ordered Nympho to release the steering wheel at them, but it didn't work.
` And then, the remaining three of us went to Nympho's house. We all sat on her bed, though eventually hers and my head wound up on Jesus' skinny legs. We had fun weirding him out while in this position. I don't even remember what in the heck we talked about since I was not wrting any of it down, though I do recall that it was at least as strange as the other things that had gone on earlier, except... more Jesusy.
` After that, we had sandwiches! Yay! At about one in the morning, they popped in the video Star Trek IV, but I had to leave and get some sleep.
` Once home and safely in bed (or so I'd thought), I heard strange humming noises in my ears. I thought I was hallucinating until I realized that they must be mosquitos! Lou directed me to some mosquito repellent, which I sprayed myself with. After that, I started feeling kind of nauseous, but at least they stayed away from me.

` Yes, that was my yesterday. And today, I've discovered some wonderful (and fairly short) blog posts about the fact that Bush won't leave Iraq alone and continues to occupy it with troops, plus his disinterest in Osama Bin Laden, etc. I recommend them, if you're into that kind of thing.

` Rep. John Murtha's post is called 'The Presiden't Misguided Message'.
` George Lakoff wrote a piece he named 'Occupation; the Inconvenient Truth about Iraq'.
` And this is pretty scathing; Larry Beinhart's article, 'Beyond Astonishing'.

` Yes, I know that being politically irritated online is totally unlike me, but I decided to be annoyed enough at Bush today for such... annoyancy. Really, I probably would have written them myself if I'd been following the news. But I don't follow the news in order to keep myself from being potitically irritated.
` Anyway, I must go now. I have errands to do and exercise to have.


Galtron said...

You have scary blood-sucking monsters in your house? How do you live like that!?

S E E Quine said...

` Armed to the teeth with DEET.

` Who cares if it's toxic?! Mosquitoes are worse nowadays... especially the zebra-striped ones!

Anonymous said...
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