Saturday, July 15, 2006

I've had it!! Time to start doubling up on my blog output!

` Like Lou Ryan's dishes, my blog drafts have been hopelessly piling up like crazy - I write so much more than I think anyone would care to keep up with, and so a lot of the stuff I think up either doesn't get written or does get written but not posted.
` Now, each of my blog accounts contain a gigundously huge heap of drafts that are just lying around, unused - although many of them are on hold for the forseeable future, due to technical difficulties (such as my artwork being saved as Adobe Photoshop files coupled with my current lack of Adobe Photoshop in which to convert them to a visible format)!
` This buildup of drafts is similar to the accumulative effect that occurs when Lou Ryan puts all his dirty dishes in our tiny, tiny sink and leaves them there - instead of washing them! - so that in one day, the sink is so stuffed that there's no room to even wash my lucky green mug!

` Well, if you can't wash dishes in the sink, what can you do? My solution has been to purge the sink of all dishes and instead shower with them!

` This way, I can kill two birds with one stone - washing both myself and a few days worth of filthy, strongly-reeking dishes!
` Similarly, my solution to publishing my utter backlog of blog posts shall be to post one draft every time I write something new, starting with today! So, for every post I make, you'll get a bonus post for absolutely no additional cost to me!

` Sound good?

` So, each time there's a new post, be sure to look below it to read the according 'bonus' post, which is but a small effort to scrape off the 'creativity plaque' that utterly suffocates the inner workings of my blog accounts!


Galtron said...

Hooray for plaque! 'Double your blog posts, double your fun.......' I'll shut up now.

So that's why you stopped posting your artwork!! All I can say is - please, find someone who either has Adobe Photoshop or borrow a copy!
OR... there may be a file converter you can download.
I don't know of any that will do Photoshop, although I know of one that converts images to ASCII - now that's different!
Sorry, Charlie!

So... are you the only one who washes dishes around there or what?
By the way, nice legs! I like a natural woman.....

Anonymous said...

I take it that trying to spy on you in the shower with all those sharp utensils is not a good idea?

Amber said...

It kind of grosses me out that you'd wash your ass and then your fork, or the other way around, if you choose. I don't know why, it's all getting clean right?
Perhaps more than the dishes suffering, I think I'd not want the dirt stuff from the dishes on my body, especially cheeses.

S E E Quine said...

` Galtron: Thanks for the file converter advice. I haven't found any that will help, though....
` That Charlie Tuna picture scares me, though I chould probably use that for something....
` I got in the habit of washing all my dishes directly after I used them while I was living in my closet. For example, I just had a peanut butter and boysenberry sandwich and I washed the knife before I even took the first bite.
` In this house, there's only room enough to wash a few dishes at a time, so when Lou doesn't wash his dishes for a day, they're pretty much doomed.
` I'm glad you like my hairy shins: If I shave my legs, they'll just get hairier, so I don't want to start.

` Anonymous: Yes indeed - especially since I have two different meat cleavers and a few fish knives.

` Amber: Actually, I wash all the dishes first, and put them on the drying rack, by which time my hands are really clean. Only then do I wash the rest of me - that way, the dirts don't mix.

Anonymous said...
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