Monday, July 17, 2006

I present to you: Spam's Ode to Science, Extremists and Cheese

` This 'bonus post' has been waiting a whole month for me to finally make it public. I think it's worthy of following my oh-so exciting plants....

` My old blog,
Science, Extremists and Cheese (which still exists because I could not find the 'delete' command after transcribing all my posts onto this one) continues to collect spam to this day.
` As proof of this, I just got an e-mail directing me to a new comment, and so I had a flash of insight: Why not be proud of my amount of spam? Therefore, I shall pretend that it is nothing but poetry of some sort.
` And so, please sit back and enjoy what I like to call:

Re: FogScreen: Another Lo-Tech Wonder

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` So yes, while I don't care about landlocked hyphens, train felonies, growling rooftops, fondly embezzlers, grub telethons or whipping moms, I think that the randomness is somewhat amusing.

` P.S. This is the corresponding article in my current blog. No spam here!


Galtron said...

Ha! Are those for real? You, having a song-writing ability, could use that!

When your rooftops growl,
Get out the whipping moms!
Come on, we'll have a grub telethon
To free the landlocked hyphens!
Yes! We'll free those landlocked hyphens!
They're really deprived, we'll free the landlocked hyphens!

Ehhhhhh....... never mind.

S E E Quine said...

` Haaa!! That's a good idea, I like that!!

` One thing - whipping moms aren't used for when your rooftop growls; they're like whipping boys: You punish them for other moms's misdeeds!

Galtron said...

Ooohhhhh, gotcha.

Anonymous said...
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