Monday, June 19, 2006

Why must spirituality be stereotyped so?

` I wrote this short, nearly meaningless post sometime last year, and I've decided to dredge it up while I'm on Skype with The Swill Man whilst listening to he and Louie's 78-minute rendition of Louie Louie. In fact, one may find this monstrosity here. (But only if one is brave enough.)
` Seventy-eight minutes.
` Jeez.
` So, you can blame this post on my choice of music.
` The post is as follows:

` This is an excerpt from something that showed up in my Yahoo Spam Folder:

...Some people are suffering from Spiritual Malnutrition. Some people have deprived themselves of spiritual nutrition for so long, they no longer have the strength to handle the weight of their lives. Their vision is shot! Their sense of Self has been diminished to the point that it is a chore for them to do the simplest task in their lives. Spiritually malnourished people are fretful and frightened, worried and worrisome. They are drained and draining. They have their eye on someone else's plate, someone else's life, and they will stretch their shriveled and shaking hand out for whatever crumbs can be spared.
` This has been true of me for most of my life. Really, I've gotten much better. And then, it goes on:
There is only one cure for spiritual malnutrition. It is a steady diet of spiritual food. Prayer builds the spiritual structure. Faith puts meat on the spiritual bones. Gratitude builds spiritual bones.....
` Okay, I don't worry a lot anymore. I am able to perform simple tasks with no problem. Really, I've learned to relax a whole lot. And I did it without praying or faith!
` I just don't get it. How is it that so many people can think that there is only 'one cure', as it reads, for what they call spiritual malnutrition? I mean, I suppose the name fits, just not in that sense.

` And now, in fact, I have improved about a hundred times over since I had written that last year. Even more than ever, I'm capable of being in a good mood! I'm not kept from doing things because of excessive worry! And I don't pray, I just have confidence in myself. I don't have faith in something I can't detect - rather, I believe in myself! (I'm always here to talk to, aren't I?)
` I mean, I can count on myself to get through almost anything. Which doesn't bother me much. Especially since I have so many friends. And so, I am thankful to be alive and to have friends in my life.

` This, as you may know, is the secular way of being spiritual. One's self, more than anything, is important to get to know and communicate with, and to know all the things you can count on yourself to be able to do. Lastly, it is good to be grateful for what you can do.
` I mean, you're you! You're the most important person to know because you are the only person you are sure to spend the rest of your life with! Whether you believe in anything else, that is numero uno.

` Well... I'd better stop attempting to end this post. The Louie-Louie-ing is making little white mosquitores dance before my eyes. Wheeeeeee.....


Darius said...

Believing in yourself is ok as long as you don't happen to become seriously disabled or grow old and frail and start to lose it physically and/or mentally and need someone to wipe your butt. Or have stuff like that happen to someone you really care about, and find out how helpless a person can feel.

Believing in yourself might not work that well on your death bed either...

In addition to, "Prayer builds the spiritual structure. Faith puts meat on the spiritual bones. Gratitude builds spiritual bones," I would add that study groups and blogs may add fiber to the spiritual diet and help relieve spiritual constipation.

Galtron said...

And whole grain moral fiber in particular would also probably help unclog spiritual arteries!

Aaron said...

Is an ounce of spiritual fiber worth a pound of spiritual diarrhrea?

Believing in yourself is important when wiping your behind.

S E E Quine said...

` Heh... it's true that I didn't put much thought into that post - I was originally going to write something else.
` Yes, I suppose it is difficult to believe in oneself if one is actually incapable of doing much of anything.
` Guess I didn't mention it because I was under the influence of my 'spiritual punishment' - 78 minutes of "Louie Louie, Oh Baby" with the only relief being goofiness and a kazoo.
` I don't know what I was thinking. I was just absentmindedly poring over my many drafts.

` Of course, appreciating nature and believing in other people are other ways to attain 'spiritual feelings'.
` Why? Because this is stuff that's around you. Why be jaded?

` Actually, I have just learned that the more control one perceives themselves to have, the happier they are, no matter how much control they actually have (which is usually not much)!
` On the other hand, if one feels helpless and worries about the future, they will tend to be anxious. ...Unless they have had a lobotomy - in which case they are unable to think about the future at all!
` This must be why many people are obsessed about what will unfold in the future. Hence, a lot of praying, fortune-telling and other mystical practices are still in common use.
` I don't need them, though: Sure I may have no clue what is going to happen in the future, though I think that I'll have a lot of say over whatever it is.
` Hopefully, I'll be able to become a writer.

cassie d said...

well put, a-ron.

i like this post, spoony.
it's actually really positive! believing in yourself has been a long time mantra for me as well.

i mean only you're the only person you can really trust, right?

S E E Quine said...

` Exactly.

` ...Or can you?

` I guess so, though: People don't often purposely betray themselves unless they have serious mental problems.

Galtron said...

Don't listen to the voices!!

This and That said...

do you live in PA? If so, you and Totalvo (peter) have got to seek one another out for a poetry reading/crazy party/long dicussion on life..and make sure and audio/videotape it. I realize this will only make sense to those who know Peter...but seriously, are you near each other? He lives in amishville PA.

S E E Quine said...

` Sounds interesting, but no, I live in Everrain, Washington. It's in Rainhomish County.
` You might have seen that in my profile.

Anonymous said...
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