Sunday, June 18, 2006

What about Beast Night?

` I do have forty photos from yesterday at Dandruff's graduation party, but since it's late I've decided to post pictures way back from Beast Day... except later on. Why? I was looking at them and found that they almost triggered strange memories... but I can't quite remember what.

` I believe this to be a major key in my haziness of memory - my choice of places around the table at Denny's:

` Apparently, my strange actions in exposure to mass quantities of sugar and fat had frightened Dead Fetus Guy:

` Everyone was affected strangely by the unstable substances - Nymphomaniac seemed normal except for her occasional bouts of blurriness between fondling sessions.

` I was told I'd had to be dragged out to the parking lot and beaten with a dead mackeral. Why does that not surprise me?

` Perhaps it was good that I missed last week's Denny'sfest due to my forgetting the day and watching a DVD. Even better, Dandruff happened to need a ride home and so I picked him up at the train station.
` After we had gotten to his house, we went up to his room to find a flashlight, which had been hiding in plain sight. And then we ventured to... The Graveyard! Fobes Graveyard, in fact... but we were not 'Fobic' of it.
` Sorry. It's late.
` That night was also Flag Day - well, Flag Night - and so we saw fireworks over Everett as we trudged on our way over. (Lou had not noticed them, being asleep at the time.) After much talking and flirting and grabbing of one another, Dandruff gave me a tour of his neck of Snohomish as we headed back.
` It was interesting. He told stories about people and buildings - even ones that weren't there anymore! - as well as about the time someone thought he'd run Dandruff over with his car! I also had thought that one bush was meant to look like a peacock... nope! Just a lucky coincidence of its growth. And I was tired. And there weren't any street lights.
` So, we went back to his house, and I played the piano in his dad's massage therapy shed (complete with treadmill and wall-mounted TV!) until he became very sleepy and had almost fallen asleep. Then we went back inside and became disoriented while snickering at a 'Healthy Penis' comic book thingy, where the penises go to work and attmept to have peaceful lives while doing their best to subdue the delinquent infectious diseases of their neighborhoods.
` It's a beautiful story.

` Anyway, I'm pretty tired right now. I'm falling asleep. Here I go... Waaaaaugh!


Galtron said...

You hooligans and your cheesecakes. When will you ever learn?

S E E Quine said...

` Never!!

Aaron said...

Spoony, I definitely understand the addiction. Although I'm not fond of cheesecake, I could not go on without my near daily fix of chocolate milk.

We have to stay strong.

S E E Quine said...

` Mmmmm... I haven't had chocolate milk in years! My fav is chilled Godiva hot cocoa.

Denny said...

cheesecake is my favorite...

S E E Quine said...

` We'll have to wake you up sometime so you can join in the fun!

Anonymous said...
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