Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Random Voobaha Snippets

` Due to lack of Anything Good or Interesting, I have here a draft post meant to contain some of the strangeness of Voobaha Conversations (with Barnes brothers Bill 'Art' Mumy and Robert 'Artie' Haimer) from way back in October of 2005:

The Swill Man wrote:

I just got a copy of the Something's in the Bag 45 on blue vinyl. I
noticed that on the label, both sides are marked as "Side A". Is that a real goof, or did the great newts of Lumania make a funny?

Don't you think both those songs qualify as "A" sides, Joey??? I rest my case....
The Great Artie Barnes!!!!!

Oh, definitely. I was just wondering. But for what it's worth, I can't even listen to Something's in the Bag because the ending scares me half to death.

its terrifies me also... still... i think it's destroyed my whole life and haunts me to this day....... whats in the bag? i know. do you?

Uh...Mook and Beanhead? Beh? The Artbreakers?

` Here are a few more random items - all from 2006 - in all their bizarre raunchiness:

` Yo, Art,

` Do you often hang out with that 'Strange Al' or whatever his name is? Just wondering.

` Spoony Quine

Soytinly. We play ping pong and squidgilum every other Friday with your mother.

` Squidgilum? That sounds either very *fun* or very unpleasant. Or perhaps very *unpleasant*.

` Oh, and I can't forget January 31's thread!

Hey Art,
Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, even though its a day early.

` And yea, he received three gifts - linoleum, cheese and beer.
` Do they really have birthdays in Lumania?!

Have a great birthday! Which version of "Sweet 16" are you on?!

thank you all for sending me birthday wishes. I'm "reverse 25".
thanks for the site, Annie and Susanne!

Happy Sweet 52, Art!

Yea, Happy birthday dude!
Clayton Wootton

` I found this one to be humorous:

Bill Mumy's Jenerator bandmate Gary Stockdale was the music director for
The Aristocrats, "the most vile, disgusting, and vulgar" film of all
time. Over 100 of the biggest names in comedy, from George Carlin,
Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Cary to Gilbert Gottfried, Bob Saget, Paul Reiser
and Sarah Silverman discuss and tell their version of the world's
dirtiest joke. Not for the easily offended.

"No Nudity. No Violence. Unspeakable Obscenity."

I literally laughed until I was nauseous, which considering the film, is even funnier.

` I've seen a lot more atrocious of late, doesn't faze me.

Been watching them porn films of Art at the San Diego zoo again?

What?! Are you holding out on me? LOL! So are you going to share? Hee!

` Porn films of Art? Sounds... mmmmmmmm! But if he's violating a wildebeest....

It's amazing how flexible a wildebeest after being plied with a couple
of gin and tonics.

or so I've heard.

` And as for a recent Barnes and Barnes CD:

It's even better than sex.....
It may be better than sex with YOU... but it's not better than sex with ME.

` I'd like to be the judge of that!

` Gerk! I can't believe I wrote that! *blushes* Well, seeing as I have a crazy doctor appointment in ten minutes, I'd better go!


Galtron said...

Speaking of crazy doctors, can you elucidate for me the point of these Barnes and Barnes posts?

S E E Quine said...

` No. Do not question the Mad Scientist of Pain and Certain Doom! But mostly Pain.

Anonymous said...
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