Thursday, March 16, 2006

More fifth-story views! (Hey, why not?)

` Yes, I have even more photos from my former fifth-story veiw that I'd uploaded onto ImageShack in January.

` This one is a 'seagull-oriented collage' of the same view photographed three different times. I didn't even try to make it look as if it wasn't a collage because the mouse of the computer I'd been using was so heavy that it got 'stuck' if I tried to move the cursor less than 'really fast'.

` At this point in the day, you can see that Mount Baker was being attacked by clouds.

` Here we have a view of the Naval Base, before the Stinkin' Lincoln came and went - and before I met Navy Guy. (He left around 24, February and won't be back until September... luckily, he'll be going on a tour of the world, so he'll have something to write home about!)

` And this is the view from the other side, with Mount Pilchuck, as well as an ever-present rooftop puddle.

` ...This is what happens when the sun reflects off that huge, glass building:

` A little bit afterward, the sky was beginning to turn orange - if you click on and magnify the image, you can clearly see the shape of a passenger jet.

` And best for last... a little later on!

` Nice!!! (No colors exaggerated!)

` Well, I don't expect to see those scenes again in the forseeable future. As for the more mundane closet in which I live, the most exciting thing I've seen is Wayne and two other men, actually working on the house!
` Zounds!
` ...Unfortunately, they started the day after I'd swept, mopped and vacuumed the kitchen and hallway and wiped down the stove and countertop. I woke up yesterday morning, ran some errands on foot (as EdgeWalker is currently renting my car for the week), and... gah! My efforts were in vain!
` I also got paint on my hands from removing the tape over my doorknob. Double gah!
` As there were tools everywhere, including on the stove, which had been moved to the middle of the kitchen, making lunch was a bit tricky.
` But hey, as long as they're making progress, right?

` Later on, I walked on down to Lucas' place to videotape his audition for a 'rock star' contest. While I was over, his 'Brummer', whom I now call 'Dryan', restored Lucas' Chevy Luv to running condition! The first errand Lucas used it for was to drive me back home, which sure as hell beats walking through the freezing rain!
` In fact, he is going to pick me up later, and we are going to do 'Take Three' for his audition.

` Well, my time's up! I'll be back tomorrow!


Galtron said...

Did Wayne, by any chance, install the rest of your lock?

S E E Quine said...

` Nope.

Denny said...

sigh. those pics make me miss seattle. i hope to return soon.

Aaron said...

What happened to your CVN?

S E E Quine said...

` CVN?

Aaron said...

Your aircraft carrier.

S E E Quine said...

` First of all, those pictures were from January, before the Abe Lincoln came in this year.
` However, it has gone once again, having left in February. It is currently nearing Japan, I would imagine, and it won't return from its world tour until September.

cassie d said...

you should take some new photos, too! especially one of this 'wayne' person, and your dishrack lying next to your lockless door.

S E E Quine said...

` I actually have plenty of new photos - I just can't upload them onto the internet.

Anonymous said...
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