Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I prefer heights, actually...

` Oh yeah! I forgot to mention before that I'd managed to sneak into the Nautica and take some pictures from the roof in early February: I'd really been meaning to do that since before I'd moved out, though the doors had all been locked due to winterness.

` Yes! I am so dangerous! I braved the security cameras and everything!

` The first fruit of my labor was a picture facing the northwest - roughly the direction of the 21:00 sunset in the summertime.

` That big, evil-looking paper mill is where a lot of Kimberly-Clark products come from. While walking around in that area, I advise avoiding the steam vents in the sidewalk.

` Here is another view a little further west:

` That's the Naval base, some houses, B building's terrace, and the corner of the Everett Public Market.
` And, off in the easterly direction:

` A different view that is similar to the view from my old window, but not entierly the same!
` Next off, as the sunset in February occurs somewhere behind those hills to the southwest, you may be able to see it!

` Whatever in the heck that gigantic round thing is with the trough connected at the top, I never did find out.
` I then took another picture in that direction from the second-floor terrace of the A building - which was three floors below my former apartment and in full view of the window.

` If you look closely, you can see a very angry Paul Bunyan lashed to the roof of a building!

` Anywho, I am happily posting from Wired and Unplugged - I may play the piano here on Friday. Whether I do or don't, I know I'll definitely have my car that day, as EdgeWalker has actually reached his goal as mentioned here!
` I also like that picture of him. So spiky. So bling. So... musically inclined.


Galtron said...

Did you really sneak into a heavily guarded high-rise apartment building, or did you just climb directly up to the roof?

S E E Quine said...

` Truthfully... I landed my hang-glider up there.

Anonymous said...
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