Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More pictures of the old apartment....

` And it had been really starting to look good, too!

` Yes, I still have plenty of roughly-plotted picture-posts that have been stuck in 'draft' all this time, so why not display some more of them if I can't reliably write my favorite fare?
` Without further chalk/clouds/ado:

` When I was getting ready to move out, Phil was in the process of rearranging the kitchen - I think this is a much better picture of it than my previous Crappy Digital Camera photos.

` Yes, that is indeed an environmental ribbon magnet that Phil had bought, yet could not bring himself to stick to his car. Note the hideous sun-painting done by one of his co-workers.
` Here's the corner of the counter in the process of being reorganized:

` Sadly, he still has my groovy salt-and-pepper shakers!! (I knew I'd forgotten something!) Also, at the time he'd insisted on sleeping on the couch, so he later moved the Tiffany lamp onto the cricket with his old 4-H trophy clocks.
` (By the way, he'd always been quite the 4-Her! He has three clocks even though he was technically only allowed to win one.)

` Next up was a photo taken from the kitchen - the living room during one lovely January morning with Phil's computer and the old dining room table with broken chairs:

` Later in the day I had tried to capture both the living room and the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln in one CDC photo:

` Finally, below are Phil's new coffee table and chairs. And yes, that is his own spiffy Sony Vega, Bose speakers and DVD player - though he doesn't have free cable like I do!
` ...Of course, now, I don't have a TV to watch it on in the first place! I really need to get one if I am to exploit my closet to its fullest!

` I'm actually sitting at Wired and Unplugged at the moment. I started over here after eating lunch with my Iceman-bearing superhero friend. There's currently a band playing, though their talent doesn't even compare to The One Billed as Lou Ryan!

` Whenever they're done, I may try out the soon-to-be-tuned piano they have over here!


Laura said...

That looks to be a pretty nice apt. Yours will be just as nice though. You will fix it up and make it your own!

Amber said...

I'm still perplexed about this Phil creature, I guess I'll never really know unless I meet you. I think it's good though, obviously,
1. your sexual radiation started right after you left
2. you don't have to tell time according to some uptight 4-h clock(I'm secretly a recovered 4-her)
3. that crappy painting will haunt you no longer
4. you got your car back, this may or may not be related.

one bad thing? you aren't around much anymore, but maybe this also is a good thing for you.

Galtron said...

Yeah, girl! All you really need now is a used TV and your groovy salt and pepper shakers!

Oh... and a computer, if you haven't gotten one already!

Aaron said...

Hey Spoony, nice place. Your kitchen is much nicer than mine.

S E E Quine said...

` Yes, unfortunately it is mine no longer.
` I have one cupboard, folks! ...And that's only because I cleaned one out! For me!
` I also have a stove, a sink, a two-foot-tall mini-fridge and my own toaster oven!

cassie d said...

i like that wad of cash on the counter. that always says to me, 'Yeah. i like this room! It pays YOU to be there!'

S E E Quine said...

` That's not real money: Those are actually George W. Bush bills, which are about twice the size of actual currency.

` ...By the way, I'm over at Wired and Unplugged, waiting for the piano tuner to finish his job.
` Then... jammin' time!!!

Wed-nes-day said...

I want to know if you have a lock for your door, yet?

Sounds like you are able to do some cooking which keeps the cost of vittles down.

Wed-nes-day misses you.
Take care

S E E Quine said...

` Hey, Wed-nes-day! Yes, I've learned a bunch of cooking skills in the short amount of time since I've moved out.
` Unfortunately, Wayne - listed as 'Numbnuts' on my cell phone - continues to not come to my door when he says he'll install my lock.

` It's been a month now, and I'm turning a shade irritated.

Galtron said...

What!??! That is just ri-dic-u-lous!

Okay... here's my reccommendation: If Mr. Numbnuts screws up one more time, do not hesitate to open a can of verbal whoopass!
I'm serious! Complain to the owner or something!

Amber said...

Or install your own lock. Seriously, especially if you're actually PAYING for that closet, put your own lock on!

Galtron said...

And charge him for it!

S E E Quine said...

` Ah! Finally at Wired and Unplugged and thus able to access my gmail account!

` Unfortunately, Galtron, Numbnuts is the owner of the house!

` And Amber, I actually cannot install my own lock, as doing so not only requires buying some kind of unconventional tool, but also ripping out the half of the lock that has already been installed!